Day 179: A surfing hippie dreamland

Friday, Friday… oh how I love Friday.

The end of the week, the beginning of the weekend.

Between the show and everything else, the day got away from me. Before I knew it, it was 2:30 and I hadn’t eaten lunch.

Instead of heading out to get something to eat I decided to partake in some vending machine cuisine. I popped over to the break room and then I took a break to talk to the Coffee Fairy.

She’s had a rough week, full of more crazies than usual on the phone lines. Coming back from vacation is always hard, and I was having a hard time jumping into things.

Since we were both in the same boat, we decided we need to escape our jobs and our lives and be hippies.

‘Material things are overrated’, she said. I agreed. Then she said ‘where can we find hippies?’

I said, ‘Up north, I think they’re everywhere up there’.

She replied with ‘Then let’s go… right now… I was ready yesterday! My car’s right outside.’

Sadly responsibility kicked in for the both of us and we decided we probably shouldn’t just leave our jobs without giving notice.

Some hippies we are! We have to plan our hippi-ness!

I spent the drive home listening to Jack Johnson, which always puts me in an escapist state of mind, and then it hit me… the Coffee Fairy and I both love the beach so we definitely need to find a commune of surfing hippies!

I immediately sent her a text. ‘You’re a genius!’ she replied back.

Now I certainly don’t think I’m a genius, but I do think it’s a good plan.

We went back and forth playing into the scenario…. yes we definitely need young surfers… hey, if it’s a dream we’re going all out!

Where can we find those?? The Coffee Fairy suggested Australia… I don’t know if they have young hippie surfing communes down under but it’s worth a shot! If nothing else we’d get a good trip out of the deal.

As long as we’re dreaming, why not ask for a Matthew McConaughey and a Brad Pitt?? Yes, that’s what we need. The Coffee Fairy upped the ante by suggesting a young Sean Connery too!

We were on a roll! This fictional world was starting to get us both very excited about the possibilities of a stress free world surrounded by golden glistening muscle bound hippies.

Somehow I think if we actually found this fictional dreamland, we probably would not make it our home. But it certainly might be a nice place to visit long term.

Aaahhh dare to dream 🙂


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