Day 178: A day with fabulous friends

All week I’ve been planning on taking a top down drive to a nearby lake.

Being up close with nature and the beautiful scenery with music playing is a great way for me to ‘ground’ myself.

For the first time ever I was going to invite someone along, but unfortunately the wine guy was busy.

I was still planning on going by myself… it’s my thing… why wouldn’t i? But then I got a text from a friend I don’t get to see very often, did I want to join her for a day of shopping and lunch with her and her two kids.

I jumped at the chance! I love hanging out with her. She has the same effect as the drive to the lake for the most part, so it was a wash.

Not to mention I could take that drive any time, having lunch with a good friend only can sometimes be hard to come by.

I started off with mu usual weekend massage at the chiropractors office then it was off to the other side of town to meet up for a day of shopping.

I had a great time. She has some of the cutest and most well mannered kids on the planet. Her almost 3 year old speaks in sentences which completely cracks me up, and her 15 month old is just a little sweetheart.

I find myself forgetting how young the almost 3 year old actually is, until I say something sarcastic to her and she doesn’t understand.

Today she asked if I liked chocolate and I said yes. She told me she likes chocolate too, and so does her mother, but not her dad.

I said ‘that’s crazy… who doesn’t like chocolate?’ She quickly replied with ‘daddy doesn’t like chocolate’, and gave me a look like Hello… I just told you that… what are you an idiot??

I had to laugh, yes, evidently I am because I didn’t realize you were not even 3! I have absolutely no experience with children and some days, like today, it is painfully evident.

From lunch and shopping with the family it was time for a quick drive back home then a short nap and then off to sushi with the Encourager.

Sushi was nice too. It was a day full of spending time with friends I don’t get to see as often as I like.

Both ladies have a tremendous calming effect on me, and they also give me a great deal of perspective when dealing with any issues or any stress I may be having.

All in all it was a very successful and calming day… even without the drive. The day is a reminder to cut the drama out of my life.

I have a feeling there could be some drama the next three days with the amount of work that needs to be done and the time we have to do it, so maybe I can squeeze in that drive next weekend.


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