Day 177: A laid back day

Today is all about the extra project. I met up with the chefs and we got down to business. We ate, we laughed, we drank espresso it was a good time.

I left with a piece of pumpkin pie, pancetta, and bacon. A random combination but hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to put them all to good use somehow.

I did learn how to use the pancetta today and it looked surprisingly easy. Pancetta, olive oil, garlic and basil… maybe? Throw in some crushed tomatoes and you have some sort of Italian sauce I couldn’t begin to try to name let alone spell it.

Once I was home one of my cats climbed onto my lap in obvious need of attention…. at least in his eyes.

At one point I had the laptop on the front of my lap, the cat on the back of my lap, and I had to see and wrap my arms around him to type.

I should have probably just stopped what I was doing but I may be just as stubborn as the cats unwilling to give up my spot.

Eventually I put the laptop away, and the little booger curled up and did his favorite thing. He started suckling himself. You have no idea how disturbing it is.

I do my best to try to curtail the behavior, but it ends up being a power struggle. I’m trying to put my hand between his mouth and his belly and he keeps trying to nudge me out of the way until he gets pissed off and runs away.

It happens in spurts, so thankfully it’s not something I have to deal with on a daily basis.

The evening was spent texting with the wine guy. He makes me laugh and I’m still obviously intrigued although I’m not sure I know where I want it to go.

On one hand I think I’m afraid to let someone in, on the other maybe I should be completely ‘gaga’ and if it was right it wouldn’t matter whether I was willing to open myself up to it.

Damn that tea leaf reader! If I hadn’t gone to her I wouldn’t be so concerned about this idealistic ‘Prince Charming’ which she says is coming.

Instead of just taking what the world throws at me and embracing it now I’m thinking ahead and trying to see into the future. I should know better… but for some reason I still want to know more! What is wrong with me? Haven’t I learned my lesson yet?

It’s funny one of the gals at work sent me an email asking to get the tea leaf reader on the show. I agreed, so now she is being put back into my world I wonder if there’s a reason for that. Maybe I’m supposed to see her again.

The Coffee Fairy and I have talked about spitting a session with her as a little ‘girls night out’ experience but we haven’t gotten around to doing it.

For some reason planning our fictional hippie surfing world seems to be a little more enticing these days.

Eh… only time will tell.


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