Day 176: A pleasantly surprising Monday

The day started with me trying to find pictures of surfing hippies to send to the Coffee Fairy.

Sadly all I could come up with were what appeared to be old Deadheads. This whole escapist dream was really not working for us.

Then just as I sent her a picture of a hairy ZZ top looking guy sitting with a cute girl, she immediately shot back a photo of Matthew McConaughey shirtless with a surfboard…. that’s my girl!

She must have mad ‘googling’ skills, but then again I was searching surfing hippies and she was probably searching shirtless Matthew McConaughey. Did I mention she’s also one smart cookie?

At work today I was trying to take care of a million things in record time.

I’m still not sure I have a handle on what I need to do but I certainly hope some sixth sense is kicking in and everything that needs to get taken care of is happening.

One of those things was following up with the marketing rep for the local hockey team about something in one of our upcoming shows.

He asked me to call him to discuss it, while we were talking I mentioned where I am from and we started chatting about sports.

Before the conversation was over he offered me tickets 6 rows behind the glass to an upcoming game. I thought about it for a minute, and then agreed to take them off his hands.

Why not? What else am I doing??

Actually my first thought was, the wine guy is a big hockey fan, it might be fun for us to go together.

I wasn’t sure if he was available, but decided to take the chance and try to find someone else if he couldn’t go.

How exciting! I have great seats to a hockey game!! I’ve been in the lower level before, but I don’t think I’ve been 6 rows behind the glass.

I haven’t been to a game in years! This could be really fun! I texted the wine guy after work, and unfortunately he wasn’t available.

I was also texting the Coffee Fairy at the same time, and she happened to ask about the wine guy so I gave her a quick update and mentioned the tickets.

Then I asked if she wanted to go and she said yes. It’s a far cry from the zen den we’ve been searching for with the hippie surfing commune but it may have its own place in our lives right now.

I figure all the hitting and smashing against the glass has it’s own merits for dealing with our anger issues directed toward work.

However, once again I find myself dragging my friends along to something they couldn’t have less of an interest in, just because I want to go.

Although they are big girls and if they didn’t want to go, they wouldn’t agree to go.

So there it is, the Coffee Fairy and I are going to a hockey game. Yes, a Thanksgiving to remember 🙂


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