Day 169: Monday Monday

Oh Monday, you always get the short end of the stick.

It’s so hard heading back to work after more than a weekend off, and today was no exception.

I ran into some traffic construction on my way in today which didn’t help matters.

Once I got there we had to do 2 shows in order to get ready for taking a week off in December. The good news is my sweater was a big hit! The Cheerleader asked if she could borrow my outfit for our second show of the day. I would have agreed if it weren’t for the pesky problem of being naked at work.

By the time I sat back down at my desk and though about eating it was 2:45.

I hate to leave work that late so I just suck it up and see what I can scrounge to eat. I have a drawer where I squirrel away chips and other tasty treats for just this situation.

But today we have a problem. I have had too many days like this so my supply was out. I also gave my last bit of cash to the makeup gal on the show so she could mail me some makeup so it was time to get creative.

Today that meant it was time to see how much change i had in my wallet and my desk drawer. Surprisingly I managed to come up with $1.85.

2 bucks could have gotten me a lunchable, or tuna salad and crackers but $1.85 that was going to be tricky.

I perused the vending machine looking to see what would tempt my taste buds…. veggie crackers or pepper jack cheese and crackers?

I decided to go out on a limb and try the pepper jack powdered cheese and crackers. I carefully slid my 8 dimes into the machine and hit the number. I watched as the coil slowly turned ever so slowly to dispense my ‘lunch’, and then it stopped, leaving my cheese and cracker packet hanging perilously in the balance.

Could this really be happening to me? I just scrounged all my change and carried it to the break room like a 7 year old ‘how much can I get with this?” and my lunch is now taunting me behind the plexiglass.

Then just as I thought I was going to have to resort to kicking the front of the machine… it fell. Aaaahhhh I’ve never been so happy to see powdered cheese on a cracker.

Another successful vending machine lunch 2 hours before quitting time.

After my first bite into the cracker I knew this time around… change definitely was not good. They were awful. I know you can’t expect much from powdered cheese but I didn’t. I’ll take fake veggies mixed with crackers any day of the week. I learned my lesson for sure.

I should plan ahead on weeks like these, but somehow I think I’ll always rely on the kindness of strangers…. or maybe just the chefs we have on the show.


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