Day 165: Exhaustion sets in

After fighting this cold for a week and gearing up for our big show I’m beat. The show was a huge hit! There was a good crowd, and the hosts had a great time competing with each other ripping open gift wrapped boxes and in a cupcake war.

When it was all over I felt like I had worked a full day, but I still had 4 hours to go. I had drained the battery in my new phone because I had to be on the phone for an hour and a half to cover the show.

So I decided to stop at home on the way into work and grab my charger. On the way back to work I decided it was top down weather.

I’m not sure if it helped or hurt my chances at being productive in the afternoon, but it was definitely nice. By the end of the day I was officially exhausted.

As much as I want to do something to celebrate the end of the week I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Besides it’s best if I just relax for a while to get over everything and get ready for the week ahead, because it’s nonstop action until the week before Christmas.

I got a text today that my new eyeglasses are ready to be picked up.

I’m kind of excited about getting them, mostly because it’s not imperative that I wear them, so they are kind of this nerdy/sexy accessory.

They aren’t all style and no substance, they actually do help… buy my eyes aren’t so horrible that I can’t see without them.

I think it’s all because my body is getting lazier, from my boobs to my butt, now my eyes. It just seems easier to wear a pair of glasses, a pushup bra, or a pair of spanx and get through the day instead of worrying about it.

But tomorrow there will be no time for laziness. The wine guy is coming over for dinner. I have to redeem myself for the last time I was in the kitchen so I must be prepared.

I also have a few other things to get accomplished.. a massage and picking up those glasses just to name a few.


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