Day 164: The redemption dinner

Early to bed… early to rise.

The long night’s sleep has me feeling much better this morning. I’m trying to go ‘medicine-free’ today so I can enjoy some wine tonight without destroying my liver.

First on my list this morning… a massage. Hopefully a stop at Jack In The Box before I get there, because I’m tired and could use a little caffeine kick to get me started.

I pulled into the restaurant parking lot and the line of the drive through was so packed I knew there was no way I could get the food and get to the massage on time, so I blew it off.

After my uber-relaxing massage I took off to run a few errands, Starbucks was first on my list… after gas because my low fuel light had come on.

Then it was off to try to hijack the Costco to get my glasses. I bought them under the BFF’s card and hadn’t quite figured out how I was going to get back in the store to pick them up without a card.

After talking with her, she said to just tell them I forgot it and see what happens. I had a few other ideas, I could find a person walking in solo and pretend to be with them, or I could walk in like I own the place.

I decided to see what the entrance held in store for me and go from there.. when I walked up I didn’t see anyone to walk in with so I just walked right on through. It was so liberating! ha ha…. I know it’s a small victory, but I’m the girl who always follows the rules. But it’s the little things that make you feel like a bit of bad ass.

Then it was off to meet the Cheerleader for a little shopping. We ran into the mall and started looking around. I ended up with a pair of black motorcycle boots, she bought a shirt for one of her kids.

Then I was off. I had to start thinking about dinner with the wine guy. So much for a lot of preparation. I had just enough time to jet home, do a quick once over on the house and maybe if I was lucky touch up my makeup.

That’s exactly what happened. Before I knew it he was at the door. Looking all cozy and cute in a sweater and jeans. I thought about starting the beginnings of the dish before he got there but I didn’t quite know how to do the first thing on the list so I decided to wait.

When he got there I asked him, and he jumped at the opportunity to take charge and cook. It was nice. Especially because I didn’t have to worry about screwing anything up. If it didn’t taste good, I could blame him!

But I knew better. Guys are such great cooks they just don’t seem to care and it works out in their favor. And the majority of the meal was already made so how could we go wrong?

We didn’t. It was absolutely amazing. The ravioli was delicious, the wine was fantastic and so was the conversation. Before the night was over we had both redeemed ourselves.

His movie selection was much better than the last and my food, even though I didn’t cook it, did not disappoint.

We ended up cuddling on the couch, and of course a makeout session ensued.


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