Day 161: A life changing experience on the horizon?

Today is all about my latest mission… finding a way to get to Australia to see Jimmy Buffett next month. Now that is living life! I just have to find an affordable way to make it happen that doesn’t take us half way across the world and back and 3 days to get there.

As much as I’ve enjoyed hanging out with the wine guy I’ve put it behind me and determined New Years Eve must be my Cinderella moment…. or at least the start of it.

It all makes sense to me. A few months ago I went to a bridal shower where there was a Cinderella quote on the back of a photo at my table.

That couple is holding a reception for their wedding on New Year’s Eve. There is the whole midnight Cinderella connection… and of course I can always buy a pair of shoes for the evening. Not to mention my car isn’t the most reliable ‘coach’.

The Tea Leaf reader is coming going to come on the show, we are the same astrological sign and she did say 2011 is our year. A lot of big things are going to happen… I’ll take her word for it.

While I was at work I got an email from my friend the Spa Girl. It said Person X is going to call you today.. you should say ‘yes’.

Her cryptic message had me perplexed, but also intrigued. I had no idea what it meant, but I trust her so I waited for the phone to ring.

I got a text message to my email from the person saying ‘can you call me’. I called from my cell phone knowing I would be leaving work soon for a hair appointment

On my way home the phone rang, and it was the person returning the call. She asked if I wanted to be a ‘complimentary media ticket’ to her upcoming seminars.

They are about leadership and empowering women, she said the 48 hours were life changing. I had to admit, in any other instance I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but knowing my friend the Spa Girl said ‘do it’ had me convinced it was in my best interest.

I know I’ve got a few things planned this weekend so I asked if I could check all of that information out and let her know in the morning.

I am all about finding my happy place again, I could certainly use that, but I hate making myself vulnerable in front of strangers…. the thought of it makes me so uncomfortable.

I know the Spa Girl pretty well and I don’t think she would lead me astray so I’m going to have to say ‘why not?!’ Life’s short!

I certainly don’t want to sit around wondering ‘what if… I had gone to that conference… how would my life be different’.

So here I go…. I’m going to go for it. I’m a total gamer… what do I have to lose except my dignity I suppose… and I’m afraid that went out the window a long… long… time ago. Ha ha

Besides… it gives me a reason to take my flask on a weekend trip to try it out 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 161: A life changing experience on the horizon?

  1. have to say i am bummed about you and the wine guy…just wanted to give you an update on my tea leaf reader experience. last week i went back to my notes that i had taken (it's been a couple of months since i was there) i had written down that i would meet someone on sep/oct 16/17 and would have the initial j c m in his name. well, i did meet someone in boston at a work event on oct 17 and his name starts with a j. we reconnected a week ago at another event in nashville!! if i hadn't written it down i would have never known. thought this story would give you some inspiration for 2011 and meeting your prince charming:) happy holidays.

  2. Good for you for taking notes! It is hard to remember that stuff sometimes. I've had other readings done.. mostly just 'samples' at work events… and when I look back at them it's kind of crazy to see how accurate they can be. The tea leaf gal did tell me the cup said 61 days but she thought the first part of 2011, so we'll see what happens. No rush, no timetable. I have a feeling I may miss these single days once they're gone. 😉 But Prince Charming would be a nice addition to my life that's for sure.

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