Day 159: Dreaded happy hour

I was planning on going to happy hour with the BFF after work today. We were going with her fiancee’s friends fiancee’, I know it sounds confusing but go with me on this one.

The first thing after going to work I had a text from the BFF asking where we should go, I threw out a couple of locations and we settled on one.

Mid-way through the day I got another text…. ‘can you call me when you get a quick second?’

I called immediately. I knew she was dealing with some drama of some sort by her messages last night, and I didn’t want to lose sight of it.

When I called she laid it on me. The girl we were going with is a single mom and doesn’t have a lot of close friends. In fact the BFF may be her only close friend and they only know each other through their mutual fiancees who are good friends.

Well evidently this girls fiancee, who is coincidently a guy they were going to try to set me up with but he ended up crying during the entire double date we were on, was breaking it off with her, and the BFF didn’t want to be put in the middle of their battle.

I told her I had her back and we would work it out… somehow. I didn’t quite know how I was going to pull it off but I was willing to try to be the person who kept changing the subject.

Somehow my mind always goes blank in those situations. If I’m not trying to change the subject it seems to come pretty naturally however.

I chatted up a few people at work and got their opinions, the best suggestion I had was to talk about myself.

So I texted the BFF to let her in on the plan. ‘If I start talking incessantly about myself know it’s all part of the plan, not narcissism.

When I got there things seemed to be a bit drama, so I decided to listen in a bit.

I didn’t have it in me to just walk in and turn the conversation on to me.

There was a lot of he said… she said talk going on and I don’t know either one of them very well so it’s hard for me to form any kind of opinion to help the situation.

The BFF and I managed to change the subject a little bit, but it always seemed to come back to the issue at hand and rightfully so, she had a lot on her mind and I can completely empathize. I’ve been there and there was always someone to listen to me so I felt I needed to pay it forward so to speak.

By the time it was all said and done we had downed quite a few cocktails, and I’m pretty sure our server thought I was a lush because he kept looking at me asking if I wanted another glass of wine.

All in all, the night certainly wasn’t as bad as either one of us thought it would be, so I guess there was no need to worry.


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