Day 151: My how far we’ve come

An early morning and a lot of work await me today.

But the work was pretty amazing. I found myself speaking my mind, and being the cheerleader for the audience of our show.

I also found myself not being afraid to grab the microphone and talk to the audience. I didn’t end up doing it, but at least the thought didn’t strike fear in my heart, and making it beat out of my chest, like it has in the past.

I owe all of that to the conference last weekend. I can’t believe how much of an impact it has made on my life.

After work I had plans to meet with Mr. Wonderful’s mom for a holiday dinner. It’s something we’ve done for the past few years, and it’s always been a tough for a number of reasons.

One being Mr. Wonderful’s birthday falls a few days before Christmas, and it was undoubtedly one of his favorite times of the year. Songs on the radio, or just the feeling in the air conjure up memories more for her than for me I’m sure because she had many more Christmases with him.

This time there was a different feeling to our dinner. I didn’t realize it at first, it was just our usual get together, catching up on recent events and talking about future plans.

I brought up Jimmy Buffett playing in Australia, and she was excited to jump on board the trip with me and my brother. We talked about the rest of her family coming in for the holiday, and me going home to visit mine.

Then it hit me, this year was different. I said ‘Look at how far we’ve come. A few years ago we were crying over this dinner, but now here we sit, laughing, and smiling. I’m even happy for the first time in a long time.’

She replied back with ‘Yes I’m really blessed. I had a wonderful son for 40 years.’

I remembered back to my drive to the restaurant to meet her and surprisingly I thought the same thing. Just a short few hours ago I thought about how lucky I am to have such a great job, and to have done all of the things I have been able to do in my life.

So many people go through their life staying in one place, going to work and returning home, over and over again.

I’ve had amazing adventures and gone on some fabulous journeys in my few short years.

I’ve been to a World Series game, I’ve swam with dolphins, and gone to see my favorite artist play in an amazing destination. I’ve experienced great love. What more can someone ask for?

While I am happy to have experienced all I have in my short time on this earth, I believe there are more great things ahead of me and I can’t wait to experience even more.

After dinner Mr. Wonderful’s mom gave me a Christmas present and a CD of her favorite holiday songs. When I got in the car i immediately put it in the CD player.

True to her energetic and infectious spirit, the CD is filled with happy, upbeat and inspirational holiday songs. I can’t stop listening to it!

Up until tonight I hadn’t been feeling the holiday spirit, in fact, I haven’t been feeling it the past 2 years, but these songs are the perfect remedy.

This relationship, and experience with his mom is just one more amazing journey I can add to my list. I am one lucky girl.


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