Day 145: My date with Santa

Today is Mr. Wonderful’s birthday.

In years past I would have sat at home, and enjoyed some wine in a very melancholy state, but not this year.

Earlier in the week, the Encourager suggested we get together and sit on Santa’s lap, and I thought it was a stupendous idea so of course I jumped on board.

Tonight when the time rolled around, she headed over to my place and we took off for the mall. We were hoping there wasn’t going to be a line, but you never know. Santa is a popular guy 2 days before Christmas.

As luck would have it we hopped in line and there weren’t that many kids in front of us.

As we looked around we noticed we were (of course) the only 2 without children in the line.

We stood, and waited, and after moving a good 10 feet the Encourager brought my attention to a young child behind us in line…. because she was throwing up.

Yes…. vomiting… not once… but multiple times.

Do you think the mother got out of line? No.. absolutely not that would be the common sense thing to do. She did let a group past her.

Then a short time later we heard her ask if she could regain her spot in line, directly behind us to which the others agreed.

At that point, the Encourager and I inched ourselves closer to the people in front of us.

I didn’t know what to do. All I could think about was that child projectile vomiting on my Michael Kors leather jacket.

The Encourager cannot stand the smell of vomit so she was beside herself as well.

At one point I thought it might be a good idea to let the child go ahead of us, if she was upset maybe getting her in front would protect us from any bodily fluids.

Then I thought twice… if that little girl did let one fly and she was in front of us… I wouldn’t be able to sit on Santa’s lap.

We were in a no win situation.

We kept looking at each other hoping to read each other’s minds. I was hoping she would notice and give me a warning if she saw the vomit heading our direction. She was looking to me for support and acceptance to pretty much inch up directly behind the group in front of us.

What a nightmare!

We managed to make it through the experience unscathed… then it was off to do some shopping.

Once again, I proceeded to purchase things for myself and not anyone on my list. I guess that would just be my brother at this point but he still needs something.

I did try though. I went into a few stores, and even called my mom for inspiration. She sees him every day and she has absolutely no idea, so I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad.

When the night was through, I had a picture of myself with Santa, a sweater, shirt, bracelet, and earrings. Not a bad night for me. I can’t say the same for the little kid behind us in line.


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