Day 143: My new BFF

I slept in but not long enough. My mom must have anticipated I would be in bed until noon because I think she was a bit surprised when I came downstairs at 9:30.

She was making homemade sticky buns… I can’t remember the last time she did that. Being the only kid at home certainly has it’s advantages, it’s like she’s catering to me. I love it!

At first it was weird having my parents all to myself. It happened for the first time earlier this year. Since I’m the youngest it’s something I’ve never experienced.

It’s not like I’ve felt neglected or anything, I just didn’t quite know what it was like and it is nice to be able to talk to them without interruptions and to just have that real one on one time.

I took advantage of that today, we sat around all morning and just talked. It’s sad it’s taken this long in my life for that to happen.

As the day turned to late afternoon we got a call from my brother. He was on the way out to the house with his girlfriend and her son.

They arrived with loads of loot. From the little boys new toys he brought along to play with, to more presents to put under the tree.

It didn’t take long for the little guy to latch on to me. I have no idea what is happening to me this year, but children seem to gravitate toward me.

It’s so very strange. It never used to happen at all, in fact only one of my friends children ever took a liking to me. He’s now 16 but way back he would ask his mom if she would allow me to play dinosaurs with him.

Today was no different. The 5 year old immediately busted out his dinosaur to show me what it would do, and I played right along.

Before long, he moved into the family room with his mom and they were going through a picture workbook together. I came in to give her a much needed glass of wine and he immediately started calling for me as I walked out of the room.

I grabbed my wine (I had a feeling I was going to need it too) and headed back in. After the workbook we started in on our marathon of play time. We played the Scooby Doo match game, and prepared another game to be played, before the lego set.

This little guy has quite the imagination. He was building a club house with bombs, missiles and propellers…. because we had to protect it from the Monkey Boys.

He kept saying ‘you have to watch out for the Monkey Boys’…. ‘they are robots and they have lasers for eyes’.

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about but chalked it up to a mind in it’s purest most creative process.

Then at dinner after he got a little pouty and made my brother and I switch chairs so he could sit in between his mom and I, he referenced the monkey boys again.

His mom was confused too, and then Toy Story 3 came up. He said the Monkey Boys in the movie were scary. I said ‘well I haven’t seen it I guess I should make sure I have someone to protect me when I do.’

He replied ‘well uh yeah, I could do that’.

I had to laugh it was so stinking cute!!

By the time the night was over, I think my brother was a little hurt because I had become the new best friend. Although I knew I was just the new toy, and we all know kids always head back to their old standbys after the newness wears off.


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