Day 141: All about mom

Yesterday was all about dad, and today was all about mom… well kind of.

The day started with a hearty breakfast of ‘egg concoction’ as we like to call it in our house.

It’s basically cleaning out the leftover and extras in the fridge and throwing them into an egg mixture, this is always done with dad.

More recently he has taken on an affinity for omelets, so that’s how they are created now.

It was slim pickins’ today, our selection of ingredients included green onions, green peppers, and wild mushrooms he picked from under a tree in the backyard.

Evidently he picked up a book on wild mushrooms that identify which ones are edible and which ones will make you really sick.

As he brought them out and told me what they were I said ‘are they going to make me see funny things?”

He replied ‘ooh, not any more than me!’

Keep in mind I have eaten a lot of things in this house that normal people would not have ever even considered.

My dad is a resourceful man and will find ways to make meals out of nearly nothing.

Here’s an example. As a young teenager I was visiting a friends house a few miles further out of town than where we live, since I
wasn’t old enough to drive I was relying on my dad to drop me off and pick me up.

On the way home he pulled off on the side of the road. I didn’t pay much attention to what he was doing, because he’s always finding special little ‘treasures’ whether it’s a hubcap, or a piece of wood he thinks he can use somewhere he’s always coming home with something.

But this day was different… much different. He opened the door on my side of the car, threw something on the floorboard, shut the door and walked to the driver side.

When I looked down I saw a squirrel! I immediately pulled my feet up into the seat of the car afraid the thing was rabid and would come back to life and start gnawing on my ankles.

When he got into the car I said ‘what’s that?!’ and his response was simple ‘dinner’.

And sure enough it’s what we ate for dinner. At the time my mom was working out of town several days a week so I knew we were ‘fending for ourselves’.

This is just one example of the craziness encompassing food in our house growing up. I could go on and on… from snapping turtles in our pond, to our stray goose that briefly became a sort of family mascot, to the canned salmon I thought was cat food… it never ends.

So today when my dad said ‘wild mushrooms’ I just gave in, I’m too old to fight it now, and besides I figure I’ve built up an immunity to most of it, or at least an iron stomach.

After my omelet feast I headed to my mom’s office where I helped with the filing, and did a little computer work. We spent the afternoon talking and working and once again it was nice to have some one on one time.

Of course the conversation turned to dating, as it always does, she is so concerned I’m going to end up an old spinster.

She has her own ‘style’ of doing it but every time it has the same feel… awkward.

Today it was ‘so do you have a boyfriend?’ Sometimes it’s ‘is there someone special in your life’ or ‘are you dating?’.

Normally I would just say ‘no’ but knowing she is just concerned and not prying for information I told her I have been dating but there is no on special to report.

That seemed to do the trick…. this time.

Thankfully the phone rang and I was saved by the proverbial bell. Sometimes she has a really good memory and picks up the conversation after the phone call, but today I was lucky or smart.

I picked up a catalog and quickly changed the subject when she was done. If only I could do that every time the subject comes up then I’d be fine.


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