Day 140: Just like old times

Today was reminiscent of the days growing up.

We all had dinner together, and it was a typical meal for us growing up.

Dinner was steak, potato, salad and a vegetable. As always the last one to sit at the table is responsible for the prayer.

Tonight we had a quite a bit of leftovers but it was delicious as always.

After dinner I sat down with my dad to watch the college football bowl game.

As usual, we got aggravated with our team when they made stupid mistakes but then immediately turned around and cheered them on during the next play when they did something we approved of.

The game started late for us, 9pm, and by the time the first quarter we were both dozing off at different times.

I would yell when we did something good and wake him up, and he would do the same to me.

It was nice just sitting there… correction… laying there…. without a care in the world.

But sadly it must come to an end, tomorrow I’m heading home and back to my reality.


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