Day 139: The joys of flying

Time to head home… or I guess I should say my second home. My parents house still feels like home to me and it may always be that way.

It was smooth sailing this morning. I started the day with another of my dads fabulous omelets, which would hopefully take me through my long day.

My mother always thinks I need to be at the airport 2 hours before my flight, I always disagree, but she always wins. It’s been so bad, there have been times I’ve arrived at the airport so early the airlines haven’t even designated a gate yet.

Today I wore her down and agreed to a 1 and a half hour pre arrival time, and today was one of those times when she was right.

We live about an hour from the airport and on our way there we looked up at the flashing highway sign saying there was an accident up ahead.

Great. We were right on track, but if we get stuck in traffic for 30 minutes I’m going to be in big trouble.

My brother took a short detour and since I’m Paranoid Perry, I jumped on the navigation system to make sure I would get to the airport on time.

My dad was in the back seat and I’m pretty sure he could have cared less if I got stuck or not, because it would mean I could stick around for a few extra days.

But the lady in the box said I would be there with plenty of time and I believed her so I was able to relax a little.

There were some big lines at the airport, but while I was waiting to check my luggage I received a text saying my flight was delayed, so I knew I had some extra time, and of course I made it through with plenty of time.

It was a good flight, a quick flight, but all that changed when we touched down.

I immediately went down to wait for my luggage, and I waited… and waited.

It was going on 20 minutes and there was still no sign of our luggage.

We were directed to carousel 2, where I witnessed a flurry of suitcases and bags flying down the chute… waiting for their rightful owners to recognize them and take them home then…. nothing… it stopped.

The computerized announcer guy kept reporting bags were arriving, with the exception of our flight, on the carousel but there was nothing. The sign on the carousel said ‘all bags delivered’ for several flights but ours sat like a lone soldier on the board ‘awaiting bags’ amid a sea of ‘all bags delivered’.

In the middle of the waiting there was a brief moment of levity when the announcer would page fictitious tv characters… ‘Gregory House you have a message waiting at the white paging phone’…. ‘Michael Weston you have a message at the white paging phone.’

Then we heard it, like a beacon of light on a dark and dreary day… or a voice from above… our luggage was arriving on a different carousel. The herd all migrated one carousel over and waited patiently for our bags.

There were a lot of families and older people traveling, and while I was waiting for my bag I smelled a fart. Seriously could this get any worse? I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes for my bag, all I want to do is get home and now I have to sit through a gas attack while waiting for my suitcase?

Sure I suppose I could have moved but it would have meant jockeying for a new position next to the carousel and it wasn’t worth it to me. I would weather the storm and be fine.

Thankfully my bag was one of the early bags, I was able to remove it, get out of there quickly and head on my way home.


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