Day 138: New Year’s Eve… Eve

Forget sleeping in today, I forgot I scheduled a massage for 9am, which means I need to be awake no later than 8 to start getting ready.

Perfect. Not that I’m complaining about a massage but in hindsight my planning could have been a little better.

After the rub down and adjustment at my chiropractors office I decided I needed to be productive so I stopped by my local home improvement store.

It’s a cold day here in the desert and I knew I didn’t want to leave the house so I thought working around the house would be a good way to spend the day.

I’ve been putting off re-grouting the floor of the shower in my master bathroom since I bought the house nearly 2 years ago, and today is the day.

I grabbed all the necessary equipment and set out on my mission for the rest of the day.

Once I was home I went right to work, trowel in hand.

For some reason I was fighting a headache and spending the day on my knees bent over the floor of a shower scraping grout didn’t help the situation at all but I plugged away. Slopping, shoving, scraping and cleaning. Outside of the headache it really wasn’t all that bad.

I let it dry and realized I had a few areas I needed to go over a second time. I quickly did that, and then read through the instructions for what was I’m pretty sure the 4th time.

When I got to the bottom the last line said ‘Do not grout when the temperature is below 50 degrees.’ Crap.

Out of all my 16 years living here I don’t know if we have ever had a day when the temperature was below 50 degrees… until today… and of course this is the day I chose to re-grout the bathroom.

Not only that, but how many times did I read the instructions and miss that crucial detail??

Ok so in reality it’s not that big of a deal, because inside the house it’s 70 degrees, and it is close enough to 50 outside I think I’ll be fine but it was still pretty funny.

I know my handiwork doesn’t look that fabulous but trust me it is better than it was before. The entire floor needs to be redone, but I’m no where ready for that, so baby steps it is.

About the time I finished, I got a text from the Pixie. ‘Can you meet for a drink tonight?’

I was still battling the headache but decided it was a good idea anyway. I had enough staring at the shower floor and laying on the couch.

We met at a local wine bar where they pour a ginormous glass of wine for the price, and sat back to chat about recent developments in our lives.

We went full circle from our most recent dreams and goals, to our love lives, astrological signs, even excitement for what is to come in the new year.

She is my ‘plus 1’ for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve party. We both have a really good feeling about the night but as always, especially with New Year’s you can never tell.

I have found I always hype up the night to some ridiculous level and it never lives up to my expectation.

This time may be the same, but… and there is a but…. I’m going to a party and the hostess is the gal who recently got married.

At her bridal shower I sat down and faced the quote from Cinderella, just a short time after the tea leaf reader said I was Cinderella during my reading. Then there is the whole midnight connection in the Cinderella story and New Year’s Eve.

Could it all be coincidence? Sure. I guess I’ve got a little more than 24 hours to find out.


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