Day 137: Preparing for Prince Charming

My mission for the first part of the day…. to find something to wear to the party tonight.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to wear and even a few stores where I know I can find it so this should be pretty easy.

For the first time ever, I went in a different entrance to Macy’s which is my usual starting point. It felt a little awkward, but also a little liberating as if that tiny step was a bigger indication of the change I could impart into my life.

The quest began, I took a quick glance through Macy’s and found a cute shirt… not one I could wear tonight but down the road so I grabbed it and checked out and continued on my way to the next store.

There it was right where I left it before Christmas, the sequined tank top that will go perfectly with my black mini skirt, tights and stiletto booties. Score one for Cinderella!

I was starting to get tired, so it was perfect timing. I had plenty of time to get in a quick nap before getting ready.

Then the phone rang. It was Mr. Wonderful’s mom. She was heading to our favorite little watering hole with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend and she wanted to know if I could join them.

I knew it wasn’t the best idea, but I couldn’t say no. I haven’t met the boyfriend, and I haven’t seen his sister in a really, really long time.

Our standard operating procedure is to get margaritas, but I decided today it may be in my best interest to have beer since I had a long night ahead of me.

When I walked in, they were all sitting there with a table full of margaritas and I knew I was in trouble.

I immediately caved and ordered a margarita.

One led to two… which led to three. Before I knew it, it was time to head home to start getting ready.

On the drive home I started to feel the exhaustion set in, but I knew I had to power through.

Before I knew it the Pixie had arrived, looking fabulous in her stunning fits like a glove Michael Kors dress and we were off to the party.

Both of us were excited about the possibilities the night had ini store for us. When we arrived there was a house full of people, and surprisingly I didn’t recognize as many as I thought it would, which was a bit of a blessing.

I used to work with the hostess and I started thinking it could end up being a big work party, and I’m pretty sure Prince Charming isn’t one of my co-workers.

We found the bar and started mingling. The more I looked around, the more I realized it was a house full of families and couples with a handful of single guys throw in for good measure.

Most of course were guys I know from work so I had a feeling my Cinderella evening was not going to happen.

Then around 11pm the place cleared out and the Pixie and I knew we had a decision to make. If we were going to get a New Year’s kiss and have even the slightest possibility of finding our Prince Charming’s it was going to have to be somewhere else.

She immediately texted our driver to see if he could pick us up and take us somewhere else before midnight. There was a short back and forth exchange and then he made the decision for us.

‘I will be there close to midnight’… and that… my friends…. was the deal breaker.

We couldn’t be driving across town at the stroke of midnight… that certainly wasn’t very Cinderella like. Well I suppose that is sort of the definition of Cinderella, racing away in a ‘chariot’ as the clock chimes 12 times.

Nonetheless it wasn’t our idea of a Cinderella moment so it wasn’t going to happen. We were going to stick it out… kiss or no kiss.

As we made our way into the other room for some munchies the hostess introduced us to some late arrivals. As one of them shook my hand, he took an immediate and what I felt was a very obvious look at my left hand.

The guy nearly bowed… at the very least bent over to get a good look. He was wearing glasses, they should have helped him see without going to that extreme.

What is it with guys today? I suppose it could be me just noticing something that has been happening all along, but come on if you’re going to look at least do it non-challantly. Glance… look away and then look back. Someone should teach a class on this!

The conversation was cut short, and we made our way to the other room. Before long the d.j. announced 2011 was just 4 minutes away.

I looked up and caught the glance of guy I work with, we made out once a while back, and for a brief moment I thought maybe he could be my New Year’s kiss but then quickly dismissed it as a really bad idea. No point going down that road again.

10…. 9…..8… As the countdown began there was awkwardness in the air, I had to come up with a way to ease the tension for myself and for everyone at the table…. 7… 6…. 5…. think quick… 4… 3… 2…. 1… grab the champagne glass and toast! Yes! That’s it! Toasting is a universal gesture that everyone can get involved in. Perfect!

And that… was that… I poured myself another glass of wine and chalked up my Cinderella moment to something that would happen in 2011.


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