Day 133: The world’s gone crazy.. or maybe it’s just me

I feel like the world has gone crazy.

I’m on a diet, making breakfast before work (unheard of), the Coffee Fairy is not drinking our favorite caffeinated beverage, birds are falling out of the sky, my cats are acting absolutely bonkers, and I may have my first ‘official’ video production client.

What is going on?? I hardly believe this life I’m leading at the moment, it seems so foreign to me but I’ll take it because change is good… right??

Up until now I’ve only been playing around, doing some side video projects for friends to keep myself busy and keep the creativity flowing, but today it’s the real deal.

A friend of a friend needs a commercial… last minute… really last minute… and my friend referred her to me as if I’ve done this before.

Sure I’ve been working in tv for 16 years, but I’ve never done any work outside of a traditional station so this is unchartered water.

I thought about saying no and passing it on but then threw caution to the wind and said ‘what the heck?!’ No pain.. no gain.

Sure I’ve got a million other things on my plate right now but what is one more…. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Not to mention, if ever there was a place to start, this is it.

This lady is new to the commercial world so there will be no comparing me to anyone else, and that also gives me the opportunity to give her the best product and service possible so she has a great experience to remember me by… and maybe even refer me for other projects.

So I talked to the gal and gave her my ‘last minute’ rate, agreeing to make some calls and see what I could do to get this thing made in say… 4 days.

Crap! What am I thinking? 4 days to schedule a camera crew, and editor, oh yeah.. and also get the commercial shot and edited… that’s absolutely insane!

There is also no better way to go into something like this. Quick and easy, down and dirty, baptism by fire. From this point on, all of them will seem like a cake walk.

All day I’ve been really good about sticking to the diet, but as soon as I hit crisis mode… it was all over.

Out came the wine, ok, so I was planning to have a glass with dinner anyway, but the pop chips, mint m & m’s, and the last remaining turtle? Now they certainly weren’t on the agenda or the diet.

Oh well, I started strong, and there’s no reason I can’t get back on the wagon tomorrow, except that I am going to happy hour with Mr. Wonderful’s mom.

Why do I do this to myself? Any opportunity to break from the diet and I jump on it. It’s probably because it’s not that detrimental that I actually follow through, as long as my metabolism holds out I guess.

There is that irrational fear (at least I hope it’s irrational) that as soon as I hit the big 4-0 all that is going to change.

Some switch is going to flip in my body and all of the sudden without warning everything I eat will go immediately to my hips and thighs and I will balloon up to the size of a house.

Ok so I guess that was a bit irrational, I suppose it will happen a little more slowly than that.


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