Day 132: Like it or not.. it’s coming

Is there no respite for those of us who are single?

We are barely through the holidays, where we have spent every waking hour with our families waiting for them to ask us about our love life, or seeing happy couples in all their holiday glory on every street corner and in every store.

Not to mention the ‘magic’ that surrounds this time of year from gifts and mistletoe to that oh so important New Year’s Eve kiss that will determine our future for what some would think is year’s to come.

After being bombarded with all of this for the past 3 months, we are now faced with yet another challenge.

Just a few days out of the holiday season, with barely enough time to adjust to regular schedules and normal lives, I am seeing it start to creep in.

This time the assault is coming in the form of pink and red hearts, candy, and teddy bears… even tennis shoes! Yes, the Valentine’s Day marketing has begun and it’s everywhere.

It’s like Cupid and Hello Kitty are having a yard sale, and their goodies are up for grabs at every retail location on the planet and even a few street corners if you live in the right part of town.

Even at work, the emails are starting to come in and they are guest ideas related to Valentine’s Day. If they can find a way to tie in toilets and pest control they will, even though both are bad… bad… ideas. There are some things that should just not be associated with this holiday.

But like it or not, it is coming and myself and the legions of other single people are going to have to deal with it for the next 6 weeks.

It’s like seeing a ball heading your way and knowing it is going to hit you, but you can’t escape fast enough.


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