Day 131: The cougar theory

My morning came to a screeching halt at Starbucks.

I stopped in for my usual coffee, and breakfast sandwich. It started when they told me they stopped carrying the one with ham.

Ok I can live with that, as long as there is still bacon, and there is.

They rang up my order and I gave them my debit card like every other day I go in there… but today it was different… it was declined. My $4 transaction was declined! I was baffled. How could my $4 transaction be declined?

I laughed, and joked with the guy at the cash register ‘I’m sure I’ve got 4 bucks in my account that’s weird? But if I don’t I guess I have much bigger problems.’

Thankfully I had some cash today.

I hopped in my car and immediately got on the phone to call the bank and check my balance. Maybe I paid my mortgage twice or some other glitch in my bill paying caught up with me unknowingly.

The automated system picked up and immediately transferred me to the fraud department.

O-K? I was starting to get concerned.

After talking to the gal on the phone evidently someone tried to use my card on an $8 purchase on

Strange that would be flagged for any reason but I guess it was.

Back at work I tried not to think of someone spending all the money in my account in $8 increments, and it was pretty easy because 2 people were out sick so there was a lot to keep me busy.

At one point the hottie young cub reporter walked past my desk and saw me eating some red, green and white jelly beans. He said he has been in a mint mood recently and asked if they were mint flavored.

They were not but we shared our love of mint before he walked away.

On the drive home I was thinking about that interaction and I had a bit of an epiphany about why there may be so many cougars these days…. and perhaps why I could fall into that trap rather easily.

Keep in mind I’m no psychiatrist but this seems like a pretty good theory to me.

I don’t think older women are seeking out younger guys because they are younger and cuter and all the other reasons one could think of… I think it’s because older women don’t realize how old they really are.

Well, technically we know, but I’ve found as I get older I still find myself mentally feeling like I’m 22 years old.

I’ve said it over and over again.

So when you feel that young inside, and your with a guy who is in that age range it feels perfectly normal.

I think it’s genius… and I think I should contact some fabulous research group and share my findings to see if they can duplicate it in a study somehow.

Whether I’m right or wrong doesn’t really matter to me. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to land in Bobcat-ville again… notice I didn’t say ‘never’. 😉


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