Day 130: The birthday seed has been planted

It’s Friday and it is time for a low key day.

There will be no extra effort put into my look, because it’s been a very long week filled with sick co-workers, and extra work on additional projects.

I woke up and decided a ponytail was my best option for the day. I pulled me hair up and checked for stray hairs in the back and was shocked at what I saw staring back at me in the mirror.

It was a giant stripe of gray hair. I did a double take and got up close to make sure it wasn’t just blonde and the light was hitting it the wrong way…. nope!

It was like I had turned into Elvira overnight. Seriously??

I started turning gray on top a few years ago and I’ve got that covered. I’m sure it has been happening underneath for a while but my fabulous stylist has just been taking care of it without me knowing.

Time for plan ‘b’. Leave the hair down, and to quote fashion guru Tim Gunn just ‘make it work’.

Once at work I talked briefly with the Spa Girl about my upcoming birthday. She asked if I had any idea what I was going to do and I told her I had absolutely no idea.

She is right though. I really need to get crack-a-lackin’ on planning my party.

Do I do a big party with everyone in my rolodex? Or do I go small and just do a small group of my ‘besties’ at a resort? Maybe a mix of the two? I could do a weekend ‘staycation’ at a local resort with the small group and then have a big party that night.

As I looked at the calendar I realized my birthday falls on a Sunday this year. This could be perfect!

Instead of a birthday party I could have a ‘Staring Down 40’ party on Saturday. It would be so appropriate considering what happened when I turned 30… freaking out the night before and realizing it would be the last few hours in that decade of my life.

I like it! Now I just need to think of a theme, and a venue and get the details in place.

Maybe this gray hair isn’t that bad after all? I think it makes me ‘wiser’… not that I’m willing to share that tidbit with the world. It will be my little secret strength, like a mini-superhero.


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