Day 128: My first commercial

Today is the big day. It’s the day we’re shooting my very first commercial.

I’m not exactly nervous, but I did want to make sure I was prepared…. too bad I wasn’t.

I don’t know what is wrong with me?!

I was up late last night with the party but made sure to sleep in this morning. I set the alarm for 10am… yeah I know 10am…. but I was up until 3am so that really isn’t so crazy.

I woke up made some coffee and decided to relax and catch up on some tv. I had plenty of time to get ready and I was doing pretty well, until I realized I needed a few things for the shoot.

I didn’t have the address printed anywhere but I knew it was in the email in my phone so it shouldn’t be a problem getting to it and putting it into my GPS.

Well it wouldn’t have been difficult except I did a software upgrade 2 nights ago and everything is organized differently now.

So there I was racing to the beauty store for blotting papers and hairspray, while trying to go through 60 emails to find the one with the address in it, so I know which freeway to get on.

I popped into the store and immediately asked for help finding what I needed. I’m sure the worker there was a bit annoyed with me but I really didn’t care. I needed help, and I was giving them money and it’s not like I was being rude.

On the way out to the car I found the email… jackpot! I immediately got the directions and jetted the 30 miles to the shoot location.

When I arrived my photographer was already there and getting to work. I chatted with the client and we got down to business.

All in all it went really well. I think we’ve got some great video, the script is good, and she did a great job on camera.

About half way through she handed me a check, and I looked at it and realized the amount is what we agreed upon for the rest of the crew and it didn’t include my portion.

I didn’t quite know what to do?! I am so bad with confrontation and it is my first job so I am unfamiliar with how to handle these situations so I just took the check and put it in a safe place and decided I would deal with it all later.

I came home and went through my emails thinking maybe there was a miscommunication and she thought it was one fee for the entire project but I think I was pretty clear, although not as clear as I could have been which is a good lesson to learn.

So now comes the confrontation, luckily she sent me an email thanking me for the wonderful experience so I feel like there is an opening.

Now I just have to put on my big girl panties and do it.

I called the BFF to get her help with the wording on the email. Her fiancee just left town and she’s sad. We talked and caught up for a while and during the conversation I I told her about crying to the Kelly Clarkson song.

She immediately busted out laughing… I believe her response was ‘Kelly Clarkson?! That’s hysterical!’ My thoughts exactly.

I can always count on her to laugh with me in these situations. She’s great at helping me see I can’t take myself too seriously.

We had a great conversation and as badly as I feel for her with her fiancee leaving, it’s a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time together before she gets married. Something I plan on taking full advantage of while I have the chance.


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