Day 126: Match Misfortune

At work today it was a revolving door of men from

The Coffee Fairy kept sending me pictures of men who have expressed interest in her.

She is so hysterical, every picture had it’s own commentary… the news anchor with his work photo…. Crocodile Dundee…. and some required none… their usernames and their photos said it all.. like ‘Gentle Giant’ who is a big muscle bound hunk of a man who looked like he had professional photos taken.

Another only had one photo on the profile and there were 4 people in it, one of them was a woman another a white haired elderly man. ‘Which one do you think it is?’ she added.

I was secretly hoping it was the old man in the back who kind of looked like he wasn’t even part of the group but just decided to hop into the photo as a joke.

It was so funny I was laughing out loud at my desk, probably causing a major distraction for all of my co-workers.

The day was full of dating disasters… from the photos to all of us repeatedly making fun of the fireworks girl from the Bachelor the night before.

When I got home I don’t know what I was thinking, but I decided to check out for myself.

It is how I met Mr. Wonderful, and I’ve been contemplating going signing up for the virtual dates, but I haven’t really been able to psych myself up for writing the profile.

I mentioned it to the Coffee Fairy and she suggested I invite some friends over and have them write the profile for me over a few bottles of wine.

Now that I’d be up for…. if I could sit in the corner and drink while all of the besties did the heavy lifting, it could really work! Except for the keeping up with all the pesky emails, winks, nods, and whatever else they do on there now.

Then there is finding time to work it into my uber busy schedule right now. I would really want someone to do that for me too… LOL.

Ok maybe not. I kind of like being the master of my own destiny, its the control freak in me.

But, I was slightly intrigued by the idea so I decided to hop online with my old username and just see what my dating pool looks like.

To say it’s shallow and murky would be an understatement.

I immediately did a search of guys 36 – 43 within a 25 mile radius, admittedly not a huge age range but one I am comfortable with so what the heck.

I scrolled down the page, and my general impression was pretty much… meh?

There was no one that even remotely interested me.

The further I scrolled the more discouraged I became…. some looked old, others young party boys, there were the guys who are probably still living with their mothers, and on and on…. then I ran across a picture that may haunt me for a while.

It was a guy I dated 8 years ago! I met him on after the demise of my relationship with Shithead.

He was a total meathead from New Jersey waaaaay before it was the cool thing to be. I don’t even know what I was thinking, outside of just getting back at Shithead, which is not a good reason to date.

Aaahhh young and stupid, and a great reminder… or maybe a sign that is not in my future.


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