Day 124: The Party Girl

I am the party girl.

I’m meeting the BFF and Perky for happy hour.

Perky is allergic to alcohol, and the BFF doesn’t drink, leaving me as the sole imbiber at our happy hours and it has turned into a running joke.

Perky is all consumed by the culinary delights, and the BFF is ambivalent.

On several occasions when we are planning where to go, it has come up… ‘let’s find a place with cheap food, you can drink enough for all of us to make up for it.’

Perfect. At one point I believe someone even said ‘your the lush of the group’…. wow… what a great group of friends!

I am, in fact, the one who is drinking at our dinners, usually because work or some other project has pushed me to the point of needing the sweet nectar of the gods to relax me.

I guess I am my mother’s daughter. The family likes to give her a hard time for having a whiskey and 7 when she gets home from work. It’s one drink, but it’s become the running joke in our family… so much so my dad will get her wine or whiskey as a Christmas gift.

After 50 + years of marriage I suppose you do also run out of gift inspiration.

Happy hour was just that… happy! We gorged on all kids of food, which is par for the course with Perky in the house. She is small but mighty and boy can she pack it in! Maybe even more than me and today especially so.

She is starting her workout tomorrow and that means her first weigh in. Her plan was to load up on carbs and other goodies so she can make a good impression at her next weigh in. A girl after my own heart… you gotta love it!

We ate like low budget queens… chips and cheese dip… baked goat cheese… spring rolls… sliders… topped off with a salad. Yes… a salad… and then dessert. We were a little out of control.

We talked about everything from balancing our checkbooks to twitter, ex-boyfriends with Guns n Roses tattoos (not my ex thank God), to my ski trip.

It was a good time. I am a lucky, lucky girl on so many levels and for so many reasons.


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