Day 122: Getting ready for my ski trip

Today is the 2/3 mark in the year when it comes to my birthday, in four months I will enter a new decade of my life…. and that means I need to step it up!

Tomorrow I’m going skiing, something I’ve talked about on and off for years.

It’s nice to actually be doing it.  I’ve also never been to the Grand Canyon, with a little forward thinking I could have done that on this trip but it will have to wait.

I still have 16 weekends before my birthday to make that one happen.

The day started with a trip to pick up my favorite iced coffee.  It was a beautiful day deserving of a ‘top down’ drive.  I went a different way than I usually do, and decided to pick some up for the BFF.

After my coffee I met up with the Pixie and the Spa Girl for lunch and wine.  Healthy food, exactly what I needed after my gorge-fest last night.

We talked about taking a trip to get our auras read and photographed.  I’m all in for that one, I love that stuff!  Finding out what color I’m exuding to the rest of the world intrigues me what could be better?

It was shaping up to be a very very good day until I walked into the ski shop to rent my gear for my trip.

I walked in to see 2 guys who I felt thought they were way too cool for their jobs.

I immediately explained my situation ‘I’m going skiing for the first time tomorrow and I need to rent some gear.’

‘Oh where are you going? Are you sure you’re going to get in?’ they said.

‘Yes I’m sure.  I work for a local tv station and we’re doing a story so we’re definitely getting in.’ I said.

‘Well we’re out of pants so you’re going to have to buy some ski bibs.’ they replied.

‘What? What are ski bibs?  That sounds sexy.’  Great… ski bunny is definitely out the window.

‘Ok, where can I find those?’ I said.

‘Right behind you there’s a whole rack of them.’ they said,

‘Ok, can you help me figure out what size may work.’ I said.  Where were these guys from?  I just told them I’ve never been skiing before, translation… I may need a little extra help.

‘Don’t wear cotton.’ they said… ‘Why not?’ I replied…. ‘because I’ll get stinky?’  Yes that was the answer… it was like they were getting some cheap thrill out of making me sweat or throwing me off my game.

Whatever… young boys… I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

By the time it was all over, I bought a pair of ski bibs, and rented a coat.  What in the world am I going to do with ski bibs after this weekend?  I have no idea.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll fall in love with skiing… or a hot ski instructor… or even a hot doctor… and keep them for future trips to the frozen tundra to the north.

Or I could possibly just put them on ebay.

When I got home, I started thinking about what the young guys had said about not wearing cotton.  I certainly don’t want to be stinky after sweating on the slopes all day so I took a quick trip to Target.

What started as a shopping expedition for an athletic shirt ended up with a tank top, athletic shirt, jacket, and pants to go under my pants.

I think I was making up for the lack of ski bunny in the actual ski pants and jacket with the rest of my outfit.  I ended up with a hot pink shirt and fitted white jacket… paired with a cute pair of pants… and I’m definitely in the running.

So here I sit, waiting for a load of laundry to finish so I can get packed and ready to go on my first ever ski trip…. and check one more thing off my list.


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