Day 119: Surprising events today

Wow, what a day!

A good day… that is.

It was a little tough to get out of bed this morning with all the stiffness and soreness from skiing, but I made it into work tired, sore, and sling in hand.

I walked in with the sling, and it took a while for my boss to notice.  I’m not the greatest at playing jokes and keeping a straight face so I’m glad I had the help of the Cheerleader.

Unfortunately another manager took the bait before my boss could.  ‘What happened? Did you hurt your wrist… or was it your elbow?’ I’m a horrible liar so I had to just be vague and try to skirt the actual details.

I guess I gave enough information to appease him, because he just said ‘what a bad first experience, but at least you still seem upbeat’ and walked away.

I had to laugh a little bit, because everyone else was in on the joke.

My boss came out of his office and looked over at the Cheerleader and said ‘well there’s nothing on your back you both look to be ok.’

The Cheerleader quickly responded with ‘oh no, you didn’t get a good look’ then she looked at me and said ‘stand up and show him’

He shook his head in disbelief, and then it was on to the questions again. ‘Is it your wrist?’

Before too long we let him in on the joke.

As I was going through my email, I saw one from the wine guy.  I recently helped him out with a networking connection for work and he wanted to say ‘thanks’ and let me know he had a dream about me.

Hmmmmm… ok?  I went with it.  In the dream I changed my hair color and wanted his opinion.  Evidently it was brown with cayenne highlights.

I responded back with ‘maybe you were channeling my recent ski trip? Cayenne kind or resembles the color of blood… I could have cracked my melon on the hard packed snow.’

I didn’t of course, but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

I have to admit it was a pleasant surprise to hear from him, dream or no dream.

During work my cell phone rang several times, and I just didn’t have the time to pick up all the calls.

One was from the tea leaf reader.  I didn’t know it was her, but I picked up.  I contacted her a few days ago asking to set up an appointment for a full length reading and she was calling me back to set it up.

We settled on a week from today, and I’m intrigued to find out what she will say.  I was pleased with the Cinderella reading and I’m not quite ready to let it go, but I am anxious to hear what she has to say this time.  I have no doubt it will be fantastic news and will include information on my Prince Charming.

I’m not the greatest at the voicemail anyway, so it was a miracle that I even listened to the most recent voicemail.

On the way home I decided to listen…. and it was the matchmaker.  The message was short and sweet ‘I have a guy for you.  Call me at your earliest convenience so we can set up a time for an interview.’

Uh… ok…. I was shocked.  She crossed my mind recently, but I blew it off thinking she either didn’t get my application or wasn’t interested because of all the death I included on the answers.

What 5 people living or dead would you want to have dinner with? Well Mr. Wonderful, both my grandfathers (who died before I got the chance to meet them), Jimmy Buffett (duh), and my favorite coach.

I guess I was wrong, she was just waiting for the right guy…. who knew?

I returned her call, and once again she was quick and to the point.  She is from the east coast so that is her nature.  She asked when I could meet with her and I said Saturday looked good.  Her response?  ‘That’s great, but if you can get up here any sooner that would be better.  You’re going to love this guy.’

I have no idea what to expect, but I am keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m hoping I was accurate and truthful on the questionnaire so she can find the right guy for me.


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