Day 118: Stop to smell the roses

It was an ordinary day.

I hit the snooze button on both the alarm clock, and the phone the usual 3 or 4 times, I stopped for my coffee just like usual but when I got to work I was in for a surprise.

Not more than 30 minutes after I walked through the door, the Coffee Fairy called, ‘ you have a delivery up here’.

I knew it was pretty early for a delivery but didn’t think anything of it, so I hopped up and walked to the front desk…. it was better than the alternatives… going through my email, or listening to voicemail.

When I got there all I could see was a vase of flowers…. hmmmm… ok?  I didn’t want to assume that was the delivery but I didn’t see anything else, so I asked ‘is that the delivery?’

‘Yes!’ she said.  She gets so excited for anything that may be potentially related to a date for me.

They were beautiful, gorgeous velvety red roses and pristine stargazer lilies in a small square vase.  I looked at the name on the card thinking perhaps there was a mistake and no, sure enough they were for me.

Then I opened the card to see who they were from, and there was nothing.  Inside the card only 3 words were written ‘no signature requested’.

Now I was even more confused.  Who could they be from?  Who would send flowers and not put a name on them.  I waited a while thinking maybe I would get a call, text or email from someone owning up to the surprise but there was nothing.

Everyone kept asking who they were from and I had no answer to give them.  I could have called but it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal.  It wasn’t like some crazy stalker hunted me down and sent them to my house, they came to work, and I feel pretty safe there.

But I have to admit, curiosity did kick in and I really did want to know who they were from.  I went back and forth between embracing the surprise and loving the flowers, and simply wanting to know who they may be from for many reasons.  First and foremost I would like to give an appropriate thank you if needed.

Once I left the building and was somewhere private I made the call.  The gal on the phone told me the order came through a call center and she didn’t have any information.  Hmmmm… this is just getting weirder and weirder.

Then she looked a little closer, she saw where I worked and then did a little more research.  ‘Oh these were from the corporate office, that’s why there wasn’t a card.  They sent them to 3 of the tv stations in town today.’ she said.

That’s nice… I think?  Just not the sweet secret admirer mystery I was quietly hoping for in the back of my mind.  Until that happens, either secretly or overtly, I will simply appreciate the beautiful arrangement in my midst.



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