Day 115: An interview with a matchmaker

Today is my interview with the matchmaker.

I woke up especially early to make sure I didn’t have to rush to get ready and get to her.

I picked out a nice outfit… not too dressy… not to casual… just simple classic and maybe a little bit sexy.

I plugged the address into my GPS and set out on my latest adventure.

The drive took me to a small town north of the city, through winding two lane roads packed with dozens of bicycle riders.

After a 30 minutes I pulled into the driveway.  I quickly touched up my makeup, quickly chugged the rest of my iced coffee and hopped out of the car.

Before I could make it to the house, the front door was open and the matchmaker was there waiting to greet me.

At first glance she was an unassuming older woman, with a youthful spirit.  After talking with her for a while she reminded me slightly of Mr. Wonderful’s mom.  I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt that way, maybe it was her mannerisms.

She took a quick look at my application to refresh her memory going through it all line by line.

‘Your last relationship… oh I see… I’m sorry’ she said.

I replied with ‘thank you’

‘How long ago?’ she asked.

‘It will be 3 years in May’ I replied.

She continued through the application, asking a few questions here and there, but before I could get my answer out, she would interrupt with a story.

In my attempts to make sure she heard what I was saying I kept trying to bring it back to me, imparting my own thoughts on the questions, but she wouldn’t have it so I finally gave up.

I was expecting to be more introspective offering up my innermost thoughts and feelings on relationships, but that certainly wasn’t the case.

We barely scratched the surface beyond what was on my application, but that seemed to be good enough for her.

‘I have 2 guys I think would be great’, she said, ‘let me show you their pictures’.

One of them was asian-american and I am not typically attracted to that type of guy but I agreed to give him a chance.  She pulled up the picture and instantly there was no attraction so we decided to move on to guy #2.

He was wearing a suit and looked like he had gray hair.  The matchmaker said ‘he looks like an old man from across the room but when you get up close you realize he’s a young guy.’

I was stunned.  I don’t want or need to date ‘the silver fox’.  I am the 39 year old who gets hit on by 20-somethings, I don’t need to date a guy who looks like he could be a grandfather.

That said, I agreed to go out with him nonetheless.  I don’t know what I was thinking, I suppose it was just wishful thinking.

After I agreed to the date, she pulled out a contract.  I watch a lot of Millionaire Matchmaker so I expected a lot of things, but what I saw was not one of them.

The first thing on the contract basically said if I end up married to or living with a guy she sets me up with I owe her a marriage fee of thousands of dollars.

I hesitated, initialing all of the other lines before going back to it and finally putting my John Hancock on it.

Not that I have thousands of dollars laying around, but I thought if she is worth her salt, and it does work out a guy she sets me up with, he should have enough to cover my costs.

I am not a freeloader, but in my head it was a gamble I was willing to take, probably because my suspicion is there is no science to her methods.

I feel like this is a crap shoot and she is hoping to find 2 lonely and desperate people and put them together and if it works great… if not.. no worries there is another woman or man waiting in the wings.


One thought on “Day 115: An interview with a matchmaker

  1. Lori Smerz says:

    Thousands of dollars if you marry the man? Holy cow! That is one finder’s fee. Now I know why the show is called “Millonaire Matchmaker”.

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