Day 111: Touching base to see what happens

I woke up to some devastating news, the leader of the Parrothead nation was in the hospital.

What?!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  How could this be?  What kind of world would it be without Jimmy Buffett?

News traveled like wildfire.  I received texts, notes of condolence, and general comments about it.  Yes I am a pirate, and everyone knows it.

I knew he was going to be ok, but it did make me thankful I didn’t make the trip half way around the world to see him in concert.  What would I have done if I got all the way there and there was no concert?  Well, I’m sure I would have enjoyed the trip that’s for sure, but it would have definitely been a bummer…. and what would you do with that rain check?

On the way to work I decided to give the Jet Setter a call.  Yesterday the tea leaf reader said ‘you know someone in New York.  Call them soon.  Don’t wait until March.’

I received an email from her earlier yesterday morning.  Normally I would have just replied, but after the reading I decided a conversation was in order because she lives in NY.

She didn’t answer, no surprise.  She could be anywhere in the world.  I never know where she’s at.  I’ll occasionally get a text or email from her saying she’s in Siberia, or Paris, which is why email is always the safer bet.

I left a quick message.  In the email she mentioned a potential job opportunity, which I, of course, blew off because I’m pretty happy where I’m at…. but the tea leaf reader kept mentioning a new job or a new position so I figured what the heck?

We were never able to connect but I have no doubt the opportunity she is talking about is a good one, although she is fearless and I am only working my way up to it.

At work I wanted to tell the world about my tea leaf reading.  Not necessarily any of the predictions because I can’t really put my finger on any specifics but the details of Mr. Wonderful and us destined to be together.

I quickly mentioned it to the Cheerleader who was a little stunned, then we were cut off.  The Encourager was also there, she seemed more skeptical even though her mom had been through a similar reading which all came true.

I mentioned to both of them the prediction that a new job or a position of prominence was coming my way and the tea leaf reader believed I would be in front of the camera.

Again, both were shocked… given my extreme avoidance of the cameras.  You’d think I belonged to one of those religions where I thought it would steal my soul if I stepped in front of a camera or had my picture taken.  But I am warming up to the idea, so once again I find myself saying… we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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