Day 108: Queen of the bathroom

Dry cleaning, filling up the car, and clearing out the weeds in my front yard., just a few of the things on my agenda for the day.

I decided to add car wash to the list, after I walked out to the car and noticed giant cat prints on the hood, little did I know I would end up with a detail.

I bought one more than a year ago from teh car wash, and when I pulled in the guy looked at the receipt and nearly ripped it out of my hand.  ‘Oh yeah we can do this today.’  I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but it sounded better than pulling weeds so I jumped on board.

Then I called the BFF to see if she wanted to do lunch.  We ended up going shopping for my new bathroom.

There were rugs, towels, trash cans, bins and toilet paper holders.  I didn’t realize I would end up with that much stuff so I didn’t get a cart or a basket of any kind so we were just carrying everything.

As we were walking through the store I had the stand alone toilet paper holder in my hand and for some reason I felt like I was queen of the bathroom and the holder was my scepter.

I told the BFF and then started pointing it at a few people in front of us (facing the same direction so they couldn’t see of course) and I said ‘I crown you lord of the bathroom’.

I am pretty tired, and I’m guessing also a little delusional.

By the time we made it to the parking lot 4 hours after we started our lunch date, we were both very tired.  We started walking through the crosswalk and then stopped.

As we looked to our right we saw a towncar and it wasn’t stopping.  There was an older lady driving and she was on her phone.

She crawled past us not even noticing we were there, and as she rounded the corner I took my toilet paper holder and pointed it at her car and said ‘I crown you the queen of shit!’

From there we headed to another store to find organizing baskets for under the sink.

We walked into the bathroom area and I saw a group of cats, all lined up in perfect order.

I was a bit confused but decided to get a closer look, at which point I realized they were toilet brush holders.

I immediately felt like they were part of my kingdom, all lined up like a miniature army reporting for duty… or maybe I should say doody!   Just a little toilet humor for you… I can’t stop myself!!  (Ok admittedly that was really bad, but I couldn’t help myself.)

When cat toilet brush covers start to look like part of your ‘bathroom kingdom’ perhaps its time to call it quits on the shopping spree and head home for a nap.


2 thoughts on “Day 108: Queen of the bathroom

  1. Elias says:

    I love those cat toiilet brush holders for a gift for my mom – where can I find them? your help would be greatly appreciated

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