Day 107: Singles and sane only grocery store

Grocery stores have opening and closing hours, but after my experiences tonight I believe they should switch things up.

Single people should be allowed to purchase anything they want at any hour the store is open.  There should be some sort of id requirement to prove single and sanity before entering the building.

Tonight I stopped on my way home from a hair styling event, hoping to pick up some coffee, and the makings for lunch tomorrow but ended up on an adventure.

I walked out of the store and put my groceries in the car, as I was walking to the other side of the car to get in, someone asked me about my car (a common subject of conversation), so I answered… and from there it was all downhill.

I will tell you I met a man who is going to be in the new Batman series of movies as the Penguin, and he will tell his story on Leno.

He was in the movies when he was 7… and ended up on a plane from Guam talking to someone who told him his acting career would see a resurgence at the age of 50.

He also has a tree trimming business with 7,000 customers…. which I highly doubt.

I found myself standing with this man wearing an orange construction vest and riding in a motorized scooter which was parked next to his truck in the handicapped spot.

He started scrolling through pictures on his camera hoping to find the location he was super proud of… all I could think about was the bottle of wine I bought and was wishing I could pop it open right now instead of listening to this guy talk.

I tried to end the conversation and started on my way, but he kept the conversation going.

Darn those midwestern roots keeping me engaged and willing to listen.  What in the world was I thinking?

This guy surely had some sort of killing utensil…. he cuts trees for god’s sake… he could have decapitated me in the parking lot.

As we were rounding out our conversation, I guy walking to his car took notice and I felt would have stepped in if needed and at the same time I saw a grocery store worker head in our direction.  I felt safe, but still the conversation was difficult and I was definitely ready to get away.

I think I’ll throw those flyers in the trash.

In the meantime I’m going to lobby the grocery stores for singles only hours with no creepy stalkers allowed.



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