Day 106: Time to recharge the batteries

I’m so terribly tired.  I pushed myself too hard and I am paying the price.

Not once, but twice co-workers asked if I was ok because something seemed a little ‘off’.

They were right.  Going and going and going has me down… very down and I need to recharge my batteries and detox my liver!

Even just a few drinks at happy hour and or just when I’m out and about is definitely taking its toll on me.

From the time away from home, to all the extra eating I’m realizing I can’t do this all the time.  I need to set some limits.

As much as I like to have fun and get out of the house all time time there is something to be said about finding a happy medium.

Toward the end of the day the Coffee Fairy called.  The Hockey Guy was in the lobby dropping off a few things for the show.

I headed up to grab them and do the networking thing with him.  I can’t help myself, every time I see I get a little giddy for some reason.

He has to be extremely young, and I know that and I don’t know what comes over me!  We had a nice… although awkward… chat, laughing and cracking jokes about the props he was dropping off.

I was stumbling over my words, tripping my way through witty remarks, what is this about feeling young and stupid?

I’m darn near 40 for God’s sake!!

I thought at some point you got over that kind of thing, but I guess I was wrong.

When he left the Coffee Fairy just looked at me and started laughing…. ‘Did he ask you out?’

‘No!  You were sitting right there you would have heard!’ I said.

‘You two were so cute! Both of you blushing, and flirting with each other. I think he would have asked you out if I wasn’t sitting here.’ she said.

I immediately shot back at her ‘he is so young, there is no way I am going out with him.’

Coffee Fairy: ‘Oh come on…. he’s not that old… how old do you think he is?’

(If this sounds familiar… it is… we go through this every time he stops by)

Me: ‘He’s got to be in his mid to late 20’s’

Coffee Fairy: ‘So?!  What if he was 30?’

Me: ‘Well… maybe if he was 30… oh wait! I forgot how old I am… no! That’s still too young!’

And we went round and round, until I finally put an end to it all by changing the subject.

He is cute, but he is waaay to young no matter how you do the math.  Besides… he didn’t ask me out… so it doesn’t matter.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the props and the tickets to the games.


2 thoughts on “Day 106: Time to recharge the batteries

  1. robin says:

    Please tell me where you saw the white ceramic cat toilet brush holders. I want to purchase one and cannot find them for purchase anywhere. I broke mine a few days ago.

    • Robin, I’m so sorry for the delay responding. As you can see I haven’t posted on here in a while. I found the cat bathroom brush holders at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don’t think they were ceramic, but it’s worth a shot if you’re having a hard time finding them. Thanks for stopping by.

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