Day 105: What would you do for a free bag of coffee?

I have been looking forward to today for about a week.  I was able to leave the building and go into the field to produce a piece on location.

Not only was it an exercise in creativity, but it was a chance to expand on some of my existing skills that could use some work.

On the way back to the station, I talked my photographer into stopping at what I thought was a coffee shop.

About a week ago, I was at my favorite iced coffee spot,  and I saw the logo from the coffee shop on a bag of coffee for sale.

I knew at that moment I had to track it down.  I am so absolutely addicted to that delicious drink that could quite possibly be the sweet nectar of the gods, but the restaurant won’t spill the beans on where they get it… or what’s in it.

Every time I go in I ask a subtle question, ‘so what’s in this?  I’m addicted, it’s like there’s crack in here!’

The clerk usually laughs and then just says ‘yes it is good, they make it special for us.’

On occasion they like to tell me that is one of the drinks they are not allowed to have for free, as if I am going to quite my job and start working there to find out their deep dark secret.

Well it’s not that far out of the question, maybe not a full time job, but possibly part time.  I did get a job a Pier 1 once because I refused to pay full price on a tv stand, and I thought I could ride it out for a few months while I waited for it to go on sale and make a few bucks in the process.

It worked.  It was way overpriced to begin with, and I quit as soon as I bought it.

So today when I saw that sign on the side of the building I knew I had to do something.  We popped in and started talking to the guy inside.

He immediately asked if we were looking for a cup of coffee or beans or both.  I guess the answer was both!

He said he only had beans, and the coffee he made was a few hours old because it was a roastery.  So I grabbed a bag of beans and he told me it was $10.  If it was the coffee from the restaurant, I had to have it and 10 bucks was a bargain.

I immediately grabbed my wallet and took out some cash.  Then our photographer started asking questions about espresso and grinding the beans.  He had a bag of coffee in his hand at the time and the owner handed him a bag of espresso and told him it was cool, he didn’t have to pay.

What?!  I just gave the guy 10 bucks for my bag and my photographer is getting two bags for the price of one and that price is free?!  seriously?  Is anyone else seeing the discrepancy here?

I’m totally kidding.  I didn’t mind at all, my photographer is a good guy and he deserves a couple of bags of coffee on the house, and I was happy to pay.

We chatted with the guy for a while and asked questions about how he roasts the beans, and the best way to grind the beans, the process it goes through, you name it we asked it, and decided it was a good story for us to do sometime in the future.

As he was talking I was starting to realize he was a pretty good looking guy, for an older guy.  I know I just turned down a date with the Silver Fox, but this guy was gray and I seemed to be ok with it.

I’m starting to realize the matchmaker was a test of my controlling nature.  This guy probably looked older but I didn’t seem to mind, because I was in control of the situation.  What a strange contrast from yesterday when I was fawning over the 20-something.

This guy had to be late 40’s, maybe even 50? (oh dear that’s hard to write) and I was ok with it, at least until I stopped to think about us next to each other as a couple.  It would definitely be a May December romance, which seemed to be a bit of a deal breaker.

As we were all trading contact information the guy said ‘wow, I feel bad… I took your 10 bucks but he got 2 bags of free coffee.  that’s not fair!’

We all laughed…  and I told him I would shake down my photographer for $5… which of course I won’t.  I feel better that at least he recognized it I guess.  But I’m still out 10 bucks!  On the flip side if I did end up going out with the guy I bet I could get some free coffee.


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