Day 101: A rebel with a flask

The long day I knew was coming was finally here and it centered around sports and drinking.

It all started around 10 a.m. with a pre-party for  the big golf tournament in town.

The Pixie had invited me as her plus one for the party, as we walked in I started to get excited.  There were guys wearing funny golf pants all over the place.

That’s something the tea leaf reader mentioned in my reading, she said she saw a fun golfer guy, ‘he’s wearing the funny pants’ she said.  I told her the Pixie and I were going to the golf tournament and she told me to keep my eyes open, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As we walked through the party the Pixie said hello to friends, introducing me a long the way.  We ended up chatting with one girl quite a bit.

At one point, Mr. Wonderful and turning 40 came up in conversation and we moved on.  I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I came back the group of girls were frantically searching through their phones for a picture of a guy they wanted to set me up with.

Hmmm… ok?  They told me he’s very cute but always takes the pictures, humble… that’s good!  Later I would find out from the Pixie, he lost his girlfriend in a plane crash 10 years ago.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’ve been told on more than one occasion I would end up with someone who had experienced a loss.

From the party to the golf tournament, and I was ‘packin’ a flask that is… specifically my pretty pink glittery flask.

I was concerned about metal detectors but there was no need for alarm, they were doing bag searches and that was it.

Whoo hoo!!  I was in with my rum filled flask.  I felt like such a rebel!

The Pixie and I headed straight for the sold stand to get our diet cokes and try to find a way to get the rum in it.

We got ourselves into a tent on one of the holes and started to look for a place to do the dirty work.  I found a small group of unassuming guys I thought I could get to cover me…. bingo!

As I was about ready to walk up to them I heard the Pixie call my name, as I turned around I saw 2 cops.  Yikes!  The though of getting arrested never crossed my mind, confiscated… yes… jail?  no.

After they left I moseyed up to the counter and asked the guys for their help.  They were not nearly as impressed as I thought they would be but I didn’t care, I just needed to get the rum into our drinks and it worked.

I’m not sure I saw any golf but I didn’t care.

From the golf tournament it was off to the hockey game with the Coffee Fairy.  Before I left the house, I refilled the flask for the second time and tucked it away in my boot.  It worked earlier so why not do it again?!

As we walked up to the arena for the hockey game they forced us down to one entrance and I knew I was in trouble.

There it was, a metal detector.. crap!  I had no where to go, there was no way out of this one so I just went for it.

I went through first, and I heard the alarm go off as I walked through.  Oh crap… what do I do?  I decided to ignore the noise and just keep walking.  I looked back hoping the Coffee Fairy was right behind me taking the heat off the situation.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but security didn’t even flinch.  There was definitely a noise, the Coffee Fairy heard it too!

Once inside we found our seats and then a very short time later the Hockey guy stopped by to say hi.

He is so young, it’s absurd.  We chatted for a while and then he was off to see someone else.  As he was leaving the Coffee Fairy shoved me and said ‘you need to go have sex with him right now…right now I tell you… go!’

I had to laugh.  She knows thats not how I operate, which is why it was even funnier.  He came back a while later and we tried to drop some hints about getting a drink after the game, but it went way over his head.  Yes he is young.  The Coffee Fairy says ‘what is wrong with him??’

When we got to the car the Coffee Fairy asked me to pull out the flask.  We were sitting in the parking lot so we figured why not?  I busted it out and as we were taking turns with little swigs I looked up and saw the license plate of the car in front of us and I had to laugh. ‘4R Jesus’  really?!

We were both laughing so hard, then a guy walked by and saw us through the windshield and started making drinking gestures to us.

What a night!!


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