Day 99: The countdown is on

Really??!!  I am truly on the downhill slide to the big 4-0… holy crap this kind of sucks.

I have hit the double digit marks on this journey.  When I started I almost stopped 100 days in, and here I am with less than 100 days left and like the energizer bunny I’m still going… and going… and going.

It’s a little like when I turned 30 but with quite a bit more notice.  4-hours before I turned the then historic 3-0 I needed to party to make sure I wasn’t going out of my 20’s like a fuddy duddy.  Now it seems I’ve given myself 100 days notice especially after the activities of 2 days ago.

Being in the home stretch is a little strange.  I’ve done a lot this year, but there are also so many things I want to do.

Mr. Wonderful’s mom challenged me to the driving range, not that she wanted to go with me, she challenged me to go on my own.

Her philosophy?  If you go out there and hit balls by yourself no matter how crappy you are, some guy will come up and offer to help.

I know she’s right, it’s just been so long since I’ve been on the driving range so that will take a few steps.  Maybe I should try a few swings in the backyard before I completely embarrass myself.

Although I’m pretty confident the oldest guy on the course will come over to help, or the day I choose to go will be senior citizen day.  But then again senior citizens can be matchmakers too… you never know if they have a cute son? grandson? nephew?

Then there’s the dancing lessons.  I have a gift certificate so that just needs a phone call to schedule.

Opening Day is on the list, and of course that’s a done deal… minus the airfare.

Then there is the Staring Down 40 party, I guess I should get started planning that one, and I can’t forget the minor things like calling my friend in New York like the tea leaf reader said.

I wonder what could come from that call??  My friend is pretty energetic and always full of great ideas so the opportunities are wide open!



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