Day 98: A clown car filled with winemakers

What a night!  I seriously think I may be having a mid-life crisis and if I am, it’s a good one.

It started with a winemakers dinner, where each course is paired with a wine, and a winemaker is seated at each of the tables.

It’s a great way to get up close and personal with the people behind the wines, and I highly recommend it.

Before the dinner started the manager of the restaurant came over to me and said ‘it’s ok you don’t have to say anything I’ll take care of it.’

Huh?  I had no idea what was going on, I was just showing up for dinner and wine.  I wasn’t planning on saying anything, what the heck did I get myself into??

The cryptic conversation continued back and forth between us like an Abbott and Costello ‘who’s on first skit’ for what seemed like eternity.

Then he said ‘no I’ll just do the introductions at the beginning, you don’t have to speak’.

Enough with the niceties, I had to figure out what was going on!  ‘I’m sorry I’m confused, what are you talking about?’ I said.

He responded with ‘the hostess told me you wanted to say a few words at the beginning of the dinner’

OMG seriously?!  That is one heck of a game of telephone because I did not say anything like that.  Holy crap!  He must think I am really full of myself!  I immediately set him straight and told him I had no such intentions and I had no idea how that could have even come to be.

I’m sure he was just as embarrassed as I was, and thankfully it was resolved before he called me up to speak to a group of wine lovers.

As the dinner was ending they told us all about a post-party at a nearby bar.  It was starting to get late but how many times can you say you had the chance to rub elbows with a bunch of winemakers?

I figured I would go for a while, then bail and head home to get a good nights sleep.

What is the saying about the best intentions?

Four of us took off walking to the bar where the post party was being held, and we ended up getting a little turned around.  We all jumped on our phones to ‘google’ and nail down the location.

At the same time the dog whisperer walked by with 2 small dogs on leashes and he offered to help us.

As we set out on our journey I couldn’t help myself.  My inside voice came out as I spoke of the treacherous terrain we would have to travel while being led by a pack of wild dogs in order to get to the covert speakeasy where the party was taking place.

It was kind of funny…. at least I thought so.

Once inside I had a great time meeting a lot of the winemakers and other winery workers who were more than happy to travel to warmer temperatures for a few days.

As the party was winding down, one of the guys mentioned a bar he wanted to go to, but he had learned that it had closed.  After asking where they were staying I offered a few suggestions one of which was a complete dive bar but one that is very symbolic of the area.  They jumped on board saying ‘your the local you know the places to go’.

I hadn’t planned on going with them, I just wanted to give them a few ideas.  Before I knew it I had agreed to take a group of them to the bar.

As we were walking out of the bar, one of the guys started grabbing bottles of wine they brought in for the party and started shoving them into my purse.

I had no idea this ginormous bag would be so handy!!  Score 2 for me!

Once outside I realized the group I was taking had grown in size.  I explained to them that my car is not a large passenger vehicle and it was going to be cramped, but they didn’t care…. that is until they saw it.

At which point a ‘just do it’ attitude came into play.  I have no idea how it happened but I managed to fit a total of 6 people inside a Mustang.  Six grown adult people.

There were 3 guys in the back seat, myself, and a guy and gal sharing the passenger seat.  It was like college all over again, thankfully it was a short drive because as I started driving all I could think about was ‘this would be a really good reason to pull someone over’.

I wonder what they were thinking as we walked into this crazy cowboy bar.  One of them looked up and immediately took out his phone to get a picture of the ceiling where tinsel and Christmas ornaments were still hanging around.

This was the point where I started to wonder if this was the best place to bring a bunch of winemakers.  It’s not exactly wine country you know?

They were fabulous taking it all in and enjoying it in all it’s glory, before I knew it, it was 12:45 a.m.   How did this night get away from me?

A few members of the group took a cab to their hotel and I took the other 2 to theirs and the unexpected craziness of the night was officially over.

On the way home a few things came to mind, ‘what in the world were you thinking??  It’s a school night!’…. and ‘wow! you are a very lucky girl… who gets to do these things??’



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