Day 95: Finally! My night at home… aaaaahhhh

Aaaaaahhhhh… finally my night at home!!

I have never been so excited to put on my pjs and crawl under the blankets on my couch.

After an incredibly long day at the end of an exhausting week, this was exactly what I needed.

On the way home from work I started craving a tempura style battered and fried something.  At first it was chicken but I knew that would be hard to find, so I thought onion rings could do the trick because it was the batter I was craving not the actual stuff inside.

I called the BFF to see if she could think of any restaurants on my way home where I could get what I was looking for and she directed me to one.

I walked in to order and I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy.

I explained to the girl behind the counter my batter craving and she did her best to help, then I ordered my onion rings which came with ranch, and said this may be a little weird but can I add on a side of buffalo wing sauce?

I supposed if she thought I was pregnant I pretty much eliminated that thought when I ordered a beer, which I promptly downed while I was waiting for them to make my food.

Again, it was absolutely delicious…. beer where you have you been in my life the past few months?  I’ve been so focused on wine, I had forgotten about how deliciously tasty you are.

Once I got home I unpacked my goodies and sat down at the coffee table to eat.  Yes, the coffee table.

I dug into the onion rings first, grabbing one and immediately squeezing into one long strip, then I gently dipped it into the buffalo hot wing sauce.  It was not exactly gourmet or even good quite frankly, but it was what I was craving.

Then I looked over and saw the ranch dressing getting lonely so I thought it needed some onion ring love too.  It was much better but I still wasn’t satisfied so I tried a combo of the two.  It works for chicken wings so why can’t it work for onion rings??

Jackpot!  Actually I’m pretty sure I only wanted something deep fried but as long as it quelled my craving I was fine.

The BFF texted to see how things were tasting so I filled her in on what I was eating and dipping followed by ‘I think this could be he immaculate conception part 2’.

I certainly hope I’m PMS-ing because if not this could get really ugly really fast and I was planning on going skinny jeans shopping tomorrow!  Oh…. no….


2 thoughts on “Day 95: Finally! My night at home… aaaaahhhh

  1. Lori says:

    Deep fried goodness and a beer- that sounds better than a mani/pedi with a glass of champaign to me.

    You are obviously from the midwest.

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