Day 93: The cupid’s dinner

I have a Cupid’s dinner with the Pixie and one of her friends tonight.

I’ve never really done anything single’s related to celebrate Valentine’s Day, besides wallowing in my own self pity on the couch, so this is a little foreign to me.

We all met up and enjoyed some great food and conversation, we drank champagne, and ate mini-rum cupcakes.

The Pixie is so full of love and got both of us gifts.  Each was different and specific to us.  When I opened mine, I saw a frog in a plastic tube.

His big bug eyes, and little pot belly staring up at me longingly, I had to laugh.  He was the cutest thing ever!

It was funny to me because a long time ago when I was online dating my tag line was ‘how many frogs do I have to kiss?’, which was what immediately came to mind.

Then I realized the Pixie didn’t know that, so there must be more to the story so I opened it up and took a look.  The cute little frog would turn into Prince Charming.  Whoo hoo!!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Of course the frog… or Prince Charming needed an explanation so the Pixie and I filled the third girl in on our tea leaf readings and the upcoming predictions.

We talked about past loves and the possibility of love in the future, we discussed whether we are open to setups, and the types of guys we are looking for, there was no bitterness or anger, just a few girlfriends relishing in their single-hood during this stage of our lives.

Valentine’s Day seemed to be the perfect time to unleash the inner Prince Charming and that was my plan, ready or not here I come!


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