Day 92: Valentine’s Day

So here it is at last, the day singles look to with dread every year.

And while that’s how I’ve felt many years in the past for some reason this year it seems bearable.

Maybe it’s the potential for love in the very near future (ala the tea leaf reader’s prediction), or perhaps it was easing into the day with friends at the cupid’s dinner.

While I didn’t quite dread the day, that doesn’t mean I wanted to be at work.  It’s always hard to be there watching the bouquets of roses pass by my desk.  It’s a constant reminder that there is no one willing to outwardly show they love you.

To top it all off, I woke up with either a cold or allergies.  I have been fighting it for at least a day, but thought maybe the sore throat was from yelling over the loud music in the bar all night.

The thought of an iced sugar cookie at Starbucks was enough to get me out the door, preferably a Cupid so I could go through the decapitation process again.  It seemed like a very good way to get out a little Valentine’s Day aggression.

No cookie, so a big coffee would have to do.

I was surprised by the lack of flowers arriving at the station today.  Usually the front desk is so full it looks like a funeral home, but not today.  I chatted with the security guard about it and we each had our own theories.  I chalked it up to afternoon deliveries and went on with my day.

I ran back to my desk before the show and quickly checked the messages on my phone, no expecting anything of course, and there it was.  The guy from the other night, the guy dissing Valentine’s Day sent me a text ‘Happy Valentines Day’.

I didn’t quite know what to do.  This guy is trouble and I really want to back away from it all, but yet I played the cordial recipient and sent back a nice ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to you too’ and that was that.

After the show was over one of the girls went over to the desk where one lonely gift bag sat.  It was red with a gold glittery heart on the front, and it had my name on it!

She brought it over to me and I looked at the tag primarily to make sure she wasn’t trying to pull a prank on me.

And there it was just as I suspected it was from a PR company.  It was a book, the romance novel ‘Jane Eyre’ to be exact and a small box of chocolates.

It’s as if they knew my life and my plans for the evening, which included a date with my couch and reliving my trip to Anguilla through a virtual romantic vacation unfolding on the Bachelor.

Later in the afternoon I received a call from the security guard.  He said ‘well, you didn’t get flowers, but you did get some wine’  I headed right up and on the way there I thought it was the perfect gift.

Flowers can wilt away and die, but a good bottle of wine, now that’s something I can really enjoy.

The vino was a thank you gift from… well you guessed it… a PR company.  This is great.  The love I’m experiencing on Valentines Day is coming from PR companies… yeah… that sounds about right.

Once at home I decided it was time to get Prince Charming working for me.  There is no better day to work the frog prince than Valentine’s Day.

The water went in, and the Prince emerged.  Now it’s time to wait for him to grow.  3 days is what it will take… the countdown is on.


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