Day 90: Girl Scout cookies for dinner?

It is Girl Scout cookie time and that can only mean one thing… swim suit season is about to get underway.

My sister has a theory there is a conspiracy trying to sabotage all women for swimsuit season.

First there is Valentine’s Day, (where you eat whether you have a Valentine or not), followed by Girl Scout cookies, St. Patrick’s Day (who isn’t drinking beer on St. Patty’s Day?), and Easter.

All of this kicks in just a few short months after we have eaten ourselves into new sizes of our pants.

I know I’ve been wearing my dreaded leggings for the past few months, because they are cute, comfortable and stretchy so I can squeeze into them easily.

As I walked into to work today I was greeted by one of my co-workers who politely informed me the 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I ordered were ready to be paid for and taken home with me.

Sure, I could have just paid the man his money and then taken them into the break room, but there was something drawing me to them as it always does.

Who can turn down the delicious Thin Mints, and creamy Tagalongs?  I know I can’t regardless of whether I can fit into my pants or not.  Their chocolatey goodness calls out to me

On the way home I was dreading even the thought of cooking dinner, even less appealing was the thought of finding someplace to stop on the way home, which left me with one thought…. Girl Scout cookies!

Is it wrong to eat a box of Girl Scout cookies for dinner??  It’s a beautiful night, I could sit outside and enjoy them with a glass of wine, but that begs the question… what wine goes with Tagalongs?

I decided I couldn’t go down that road today, it just wouldn’t be right…. besides I’ve been making some progress with the weight simply by using portion control.

Lucky for me, I have pasta and sauce so I’m all set for dinner… and I can have the cookies for dessert all while I keep a close eye on Prince Charming to see how well he’s progressing.

Which isn’t much progression at all.  He looks to be about the same size he was yesterday and that’s ok.  The box says to expect him to double in size the first day and then hit full size after 3 days which will be tomorrow.

How about that crazy leftover frog eye just hanging out next to the Prince?  Floating in the water, keeping his sights on the house as if watching who enters to see what happens… maybe he’s watching me to see if I really will have Girl Scout cookies for dinner?


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