Day 87: Enjoying being single

Time for the podcast and for me to get grilled about my love life.

Ever since I brought up the wine guy to the group the only other lady involved keeps asking me about it.

I think she, like all of my other ‘taken’ friends seem to be living vicariously through me and my awkward dating experiences.

And so it began today.  ‘So, any word from that guy?’ she said.

‘No, I saw him the other day that’s about it’ I replied.

‘You need to do eharmony, all my friends are doing it and it’s working really well for them… boyfriends… sugar daddies… they’ve been able to find whatever they want.  You should try it!’

‘I’ve already tried it and I think I’m kind of over it.  Besides the tea leaf reader told me it was going to happen in a few months so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the rest of my single-hood.’ I said.

She quickly came back with ‘did this tea leaf person say how it would happen???  Maybe it’s through eharmony… you better get moving!  Or go back and ask her.’

Holy crap here we go.  Once again my love life is on display for all my friends to see.  That’s what I get for making that one little comment about making dinner.

From there it’s all been downhill, for the so-called relationship and the anonymity of my dating life.

But as much as I hate answering questions about it, I know every one of those people is keeping an eye out for single guys that might be a good fit for me.

And as much as I can’t wait for the next phase of my life to begin, I’m perfectly happy enjoying all the fabulous things the single life has to offer.


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