Day 86: The 7th Wheel

It was a day filled with being the extra wheel.

For the BFF’s birthday I was able to get her and her fiancee tickets to see the musical Spamalot and she wanted me to go along.

I have to admit I’m not exactly a Monty Python fan, but I’m always up for the theater so I decided to go with them despite knowing I would be the 3rd wheel.

I have never felt that way, and I certainly didn’t today.

The day was planned, they would pick me up and take me to the theater, then we were all heading to a birthday dinner with the BFF’s family.

When we got to the restaurant it was just the 3 of us.  We requested our table for 7 and sat down.

The server came over and asked if we were waiting for a few other people, we told him they were on the way and asked about getting separate tickets.

He said it was ok and then asked how we would be dividing them up.  The BFF pointed to each of the couple’s chairs and then there was me.

I said ‘Oh yes, I’ll be the only one on my ticket.’

He laughed and said ‘oh, so I guess that makes you the 7th wheel.’

‘Yes, that would be me.’ I said.

I laughed, because of course I didn’t feel that way but it was funny to hear someone else recognize it and say it.

I could have avoided the awkward odd numbered wheel situation today, but it was my choice of the 2 options I had tonight.

The other event was also a birthday gathering for a friend, and everyone there would have been solo, although it would have been more awkward.

It was for a friend who passed away 4 years ago.  We all love him dearly and miss him terribly, however I just couldn’t bring myself to go.

He is also a guy who showed up in my tea leaf reading as my guardian angel.  Someone who watches over me and is pointing me in the right direction to soar to new heights.  He is doing the same thing for Sunshine.

It was a shock to hear him come up first in my reading, instead of Mr. Wonderful, but the security of knowing he is guiding me is comforting and maybe even a little frightening because he was fearless.

As much as I love him I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the gathering tonight.  I’m already surrounded by enough death in my life I can’t take on any more.

Not to mention I can’t turn my back on a living friend, especially when I can still celebrate and honor his life from anywhere.

So in the battle between honoring a friend who has passed and being a 7th wheel…. the odd man out wins.


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