Day 85: Tea leaf prediction comes true

The tea leaf reader’s predictions are starting to come true.

As I sat at work today I saw an email come through.  It was for a media luncheon at a local resort and it is being put on by the Maui Convention and Visitors Bureau.

At first glance, I looked at it and thought, ‘that would be nice to go to, but it’s in the middle of my day and it would mean a longer than usual lunch so I better not.’

The more I thought about it the more I talked myself out of going.

I put the email aside and went on with my day, writing my stories, scheduling guests and doing all the other mundane things that fill the full time hours of my job.

At some point during the afternoon it hit me, I’m not sure how, I suppose it could have been a gentle thump upside the head from one of my guardian angels.

I will never know how it popped into my brain, but I did remember something from the tea leaf reader about Maui.

What was it?  I racked my brain until it came to me.  She said I would be traveling to Maui and I needed to write about it.

Well this wasn’t exactly a trip to Maui but the coincidence was too much to pass up I had to find a way to go to this luncheon.

I tossed around the idea of saying I had an ‘appointment’ and leaving it at that, but I have a hard time lying about anything.

After taking a casual survey of the Coffee Fairy, the BFF, and the Cheerleader the consensus was to just ask my boss if I could go.

If it came down to it, I would mention the tea leaf reading because that would seal the deal!  Right?

I certainly hoped so.

I had nothing to lose, so I went into the office and tried to pass off the luncheon as a legitimate event, which it is.

I half heartedly explained I would be checking on the newest things to do on the islands, and I would see if there were any opportunities for us to go and do stories, and it worked.

I’m not sure he bought how much it could benefit the show but the bottom line is I am approved to go and one of the tea leaf readers predictions has come to fruition.

This is getting good!  I can’t believe she was so right on the money… now lets see how everything unfolds.


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