Day 83: Dinner with Steven Seagal

Just another random day in my life.

It all seemed like a typical day, stress overtook me and by the afternoon my shoulders were nearing my ears, then as soon as the clock clicked over to 5:00 it was time to rush out the door to another appointment.

It was rush hour traffic, and a long drive, but I thought I could make it before 6. I put up a great effort but the event ended early so it was time to move to Plan B.

I sat down with a few of the people attending and had a cocktail before zipping off to dinner with the BFF and the Church Lady.

I felt like a margarita soaked gnat zipping back and forth across town.

Even though I was late for dinner they had just barely gotten a table so it all worked out perfectly.

As I sat down I noticed an older woman sitting by herself at the table next to us.  Upon closer inspection I noticed she was drinking a beer and I was instantly intrigued.

I wanted to invite her to our table to eat with us.  There was just something about her that I knew I would like.  I mentioned it to the BFF but wasn’t quite sure how to bring her into our group, and I didn’t have to.

As I got up to visit the little girls room, she stopped me and asked if we were teachers.  I was giddy with delight!  I was so happy to talk to her.  I absolutely love older people!

I told her we were not, and listed our professions, then she said she just had a birthday.  She turned 90 last week.  I nearly fell off my chair!  90?!!  This woman looked fantastic and to top it off… she was drinking a beer!  Now this is a lady I can look up to and strive to be.

Through our conversation we found out she was a widow of 35 years, and somewhere down inside I thought maybe that was our secret connection.  She went on to tell us she had 2 birthday parties last week, and she thought we were teachers because we looked intelligent.  Now I was really starting to like this gal!  As she got up to leave she had a leopard print cane and I was absolutely hooked.

If that’s all that happened for the night I would have been happy as a clam, but the night was young.

As our waiter brought the bill, he pointed out that the guy in the corner was Steven Seagal.  Seriously?  What are the odds of that?  Crazy!

He walked over and sat down at the table directly across from ours as the wait staff quickly set up another table for the 20 or so people (mostly men) he is working with on his tv show.

One of the guys was ousted from the table and ended up sitting alone, so the BFF took it upon herself to invite him to join us… which he did.

He was a member of Steven’s security team.  I’m not exactly sure how we found that out, because the Church Lady couldn’t stop flirting with him so it was hard to talk about pretty much anything.

Every word out of her mouth had him speechless, ‘I’m shy’… ‘I like younger men’…. ‘Your a handsome man’… ‘I’ve lost weight’… it was non-stop and I’m not even sure she knew she was doing it!  The BFF and I were cracking up!

By the time the night was over we had a picture with Steven Seagal as proof of the random evening at our favorite mexican restaurant.

As the entire crew of 20 packed up their cameras, donned their flack jackets and proceeded to parade out of the restaurant, the BFF and I started laughing.  The entire night was so surreal it seemed a little hard to take it all in.

I have a feeling it was the triple power of the skinny margaritas.  Usually I’m the only one drinking but tonight everyone joined in the fun and we have a night we will be talking about for years to come.


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