Day 80: To new friends and good times

It felt like a lazy Saturday but it really wasn’t.

There was a little running around, but nothing astronomical.  The bank, the pod cast and dinner with friends.  It was enough to keep me busy but not enough where I felt frazzled.  A good mix.

After sleeping in I spent the better part of my day working on the pod cast, knowing I had plans to go to dinner with the Encourager and a few other friends.

It started off as the two of us, then one of my friends asked if I wanted to get together, so I invited her along.  Before too long I was texting the Pixie and I invited her to join us too.

By the time I got home and started to plan out the details the Encourager bailed so I was left to coordinate the dinner.

We ended up going out for sushi.  Four girls, strangers and the only commonality was their friendship with me.

It was the first time I’ve ever really introduced my friends to each other.  I’m usually very much a segregationist.  I keep my work friends together and my outside work friends together and rarely do they ever mix.

Today was a group of non-work friends but even then I was found myself a bit nervous hoping they would all get along.

And the concern was all for naught, everyone got along perfectly.

By the time we were mid way through the dinner one of the girls was talking about her first date since becoming divorced, with a very nice guy.  The only problem as she said was that he had ‘man boobs’.

We all started laughing when she said it, it was quite possibly the last thing we thought would come out of her mouth.  Bad breath, short, the laundry list of things it could have been was endless.  I’m not sure an of us will get ever get that image out of our heads.

It was one story after another from each of the girls, and each one had us all laughing.  It was a great time and by the end of it all everyone with the exception of myself had made a new friend.

I was left thinking I’m lucky to have a great group of women to call friends, and I’m thankful I let loose and didn’t control the situation so they could all meet and get to know each other.

Control freak be gone!


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