Day 78: My Bachelor connections

It was a very unproductive day at work, just the bare bones, enough to get by, but that’s a Monday for you.  It’s not typically that way for me, but today it was.

I wrote it off to being conflicted about the possibility of a new job, even though I’m not even sure they have my resume yet.

On the way home I needed to stop at the store to pick up something for dinner.  While I was at it, I decided to grab a bottle of wine.  When I went to check out I reached for my license but the girl at the check out stand looked at me and said ‘nah your ok’.

Great.  I know I’m not exactly the picture of beauty today but come on, could you just at least humor me?  I don’t look that old do I?  I did get carded a few days ago after all.

Once at home it was time to settle in to the comfy couch and hunker down in front of the tv with my salmon, wine and the guilty pleasure of the Bachelor.

Tonight’s episode, actually the entire season has really resonated with me for many reasons.

Mostly because one of the girls he’s dating lost her fiancee 6 years ago and of course I can totally relate on many different levels.

One of the lines during tonight’s episode came from that girl and it struck a chord with me.  She said she knows her fiancee was in her life to show her what it’s like to feel real love so she can find it again.

I feel the same way, now I just have to kick back and wait for it to happen like the tea leaf reader predicted.

The other thing that really hit me was that she has only said ‘I love you’ to one person.  Again I can relate.  Despite being nearly 40 I am in the same boat when it comes to relationships.

I’ve never been good at opening up, and I’m afraid I’ve gotten even worse.  But things are changing for the better, I can feel it.  While I’ve felt this way before, I know I’ve cleared out more of the baggage and and am really feeling good about where I’m at as it relates to dating.

The cats are impacted by the show too.  Tonight’s episode takes place in South Africa and all of the dates have included wild animals of some kind.  The cats are racing through the house, jumping on the couches trying to tear apart the rugs, and climbing on my lap.

They are a bit out of control and I think it’s all because they are seeing their distant cousins in the wild and they want to be a part of it.

I guess it was a win.. win for everyone in the house.


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