Day 77: Taunted by wine and the people selling it to me

It started with the alarm clock and continued on from there.  I couldn’t get out of bed today, and once I made it to work it wasn’t any better.

I had a ton of work to do but I didn’t feel like I was getting anything accomplished.  The hours were passing by like minutes.  All I wanted to do was make it to 5pm and get the required amount of work completed.

Of course I hit my stride at 5pm and I ended staying later than I should have, but I did get quite a bit accomplished so that was the silver lining.

To make matters worse it felt like every time I looked at my phone there was a different email for a wine or liquor sale, or a special offer at a wine bar.  They came in fast and furious as if they were taunting me.  ‘It’s a beautiful day outside, wouldn’t you rather be sitting on a patio with a glass of wine or enjoying a Spring Training game?’

Ahhhh.. it all sounded so wonderful, but sadly I needed to work.  It’s a cruel, cruel world.

On the way home I decided to try to salvage the day by making the pasta dish I made for the wine guy a few months ago.  The one I failed miserably preparing.

I think I’ve learned enough to make it work this time, besides it’s super easy and it goes well with wine which is definitely in order for the night.

I popped into the grocery store, and grabbed what I needed along with an interesting bottle of Italian wine the sommelier recommended.

Then, it happened again.  As I was checking out the clerk looked at me and just went on with her business.  No request for ID, not even a pregnant pause.

This has happened in the past, but I’ve always blown in off in the past knowing I would get carded again.

But the closer I get to my historic birthday the more sensitive I become to not getting carded and the feeling that I may have shown my ID for the last time makes me a little sad.

I know it wont last forever, but I was hoping to at least make it to 40.  My sister got carded when she was 40, and I have to compete with that…. I just do.

By the time I got home I had pretty much forgotten about it, and I managed to set my sights on the dinner at hand.  Luckily I must have been channeling some Italian cook of some sort because it turned out ok tonight.

It’s almost enough to make me text the wine guy to tell him I redeemed myself!


2 thoughts on “Day 77: Taunted by wine and the people selling it to me

  1. Lori says:

    There seems to be a theme here in your postings. Maybe you should check to see if that Andrew Firestone, who was on The Bachelor is single. His family owns a winery in CA. Didn’t he get divorced or broke off the engagement or something like that?

    Lastly, what is that green stuff in your pasta? Broccoli or peas? I try to hide veggies in my pasta dishes for my family, but they always find them.

    • I think I should look up Andrew Firestone! I would make a fabulous wine maker’s wife 🙂

      The green stuff in the pasta was cut up basil leaves. Unfortunately I always know when I’m trying to hide veggies in my own pasta so it doesn’t work very well for me.

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