Day 75: Lunch in Maui

At my last tea leaf reading I was told I was going to Maui in the next year.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the Maui Convention and Visitors Bureau a few weeks ago.

They were coming to town to showcase some of their new additions and they wanted me to come.

I certainly don’t have any authority to make decisions on whether we should travel for the show, but I was happy to go and do the research.

The lunch was held at a fabulous resort in town, and lunch was delicious.

The entire time I was there I kept looking around for any clue as to why the tea leaf reader would have told me to go.  There weren’t any eligible men around, so that was out.

The only thing that made sense was the job.  She told me I would have a new job, whether that means a completely new job or just a promotion where I’m at, I’m not sure but if I have to go to Maui to get it… I’m in!

I met some nice people at the lunch and sat through some presentations.

The island is known for romance, and family friendly fun, but I saw something different.

I saw a complete girlfriend getaway, with custom perfume making, spas, and adventures to help you feel like you can conquer the world it’s the perfect place to go with your favorite gal pals.

When I left the resort I put the top down on the car and headed back to work.  What a fabulous day!

As I walked in the door I made a b-line for my bosses office to tell him I thought it was a very viable option for he show.

I figured he would just say ‘I’m glad you had a good time’ and it would be over, but the more I talked to him the more he seemed convinced we could go to Maui and do the stories.

He told me to look into it and research the trip and see how much it would cost so he could go to the business department to see if it was an option.

So, my mission has been set… should I choose to accept it… and I do.

Why wouldn’t I?  Seriously?  If I can get a trip to Maui out of the deal, I’m all in.  Work has never been better!

Thank you tea leaf reader, I probably would have never gone to the event if it hadn’t been for her.



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