Day 74: The return of Italia

What a day.  I woke up with a headache and it continued through the day.

I was exhausted and very happy it was Friday.

Once at work I was reminded it was our interns birthday.  The one who wants to set me up with her brother.

The other intern got her a card, donuts and candles, it was all very sweet.

When she came in we all wished her a ‘Happy Birthday’ and she was thrilled.  Thrilled about the sentiment, but also thrilled because she was no longer a teenager.

When she said that it was like gettng slapped across the face.

Our director looked at me and said ‘how does that make you feel?’

She was right.  The contrast of her entering her 20’s and me entering my 40’s was drastic and once again I was reminded I am not as young as I think I am.

But I am as young as I feel and that is the important thing.

I couldn’t wait for the clock to tick over to 5 so I could get out of there and have a beer.

I was meeting the Pixie and a friend after work.  They were at a spring training game and I was jealous, but there was nothing I could do outside of skipping out of work.

Once I met up with the Pixie she had amassed a group of friends.  Some were at the baseball game, some they just picked up at the bar.

After starting up a conversation with one of the guys he proceeded to tell us he spent time in the military and part of that time was spent in Italy.

I feel like Italy has been popping up on my radar a lot since I started considering it for my birthday.

Sure, some of them I have been the one to bring up the topic, but others have really come out of the blue.

So at this point, if I can get the amount of time off of work that I want I’m going to do it.

I’ll call the Jet Setter and get to work planning the trip.

Leaving my 30’s and entering my 40’s in the land of passion and romance can’t be wrong and I feel like it’s all starting to fall into place.


2 thoughts on “Day 74: The return of Italia

  1. Lori says:

    I hope you get good flight prices. I know that my aunt is also planning a trip to Italy and she found that the prices go down in September- by $600! I think you could go for your half birthday and that would still count. It’s much harder being 40 1/2 because the celebration has worn off by then. Plus, as I say, 41 is much harder to deal with because then there is no turning back. You are definitely in your forties no matter what. lol

    • Good point! Thanks for bringing 41 to my attention. Now I have an entirely different thing to obsess about LOL I’ll look into the airline prices too. I think Bing does some sort of airfare comparison that shows you the best times to buy.

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