Day 68: Frazzled day full of food

I couldn’t get out of the house today.  I grabbed my new shirt and threw it on.  It’s a little more sheer than I liked for work so I put a tank on underneath to see what that looked like.  I was satisfied so I quickly slipped into my ballet flats grabbed my Greek yogurt and ran out the door.

About half way to work I realized my bra only had one strap on it.  It’s a strapless bra and you can take off the straps or criss cross them, blah blah blah.

Bottom line the last time I wore it there was only one strap because I wanted a bare shoulder on one side.

But being as though I only had 1 should strap on, and I was running ridiculously late I was feeling a little discombobulated.

When I walked in, Sunshine quickly informed me she brought in her favorite pizza, then the Cheerleader told me she brought cake pops…. and the Greek yogurt was out the door.

I’m pretty sure it took me a millisecond to make that determination.  What a way to start the day…. pizza and cake pops is the breakfast of champions after all.

Not too much later, one of our interns arrived and I was reminded she was bringing in cupcakes for us all to eat.  Perfect… a mid morning snack!

Wow this day was going downhill in the healthy eating department in a hurry but it was ok, it kind of went with my style for the day.

The day progressed like any other, except I had a hard time focusing.  Our show facebook page seemed so much more appealing than any of the work I should have been doing.

By the end of the day something I failed to address earlier came up to bite me in the butt and I had to take charge and do something about it.

That, of course kept me at work for an additional hour and a half, which completely screwed up my schedule for the rest of the night.

I changed clothes, and raced out the door to meet the Cheerleader for a quick mini-workout, that I was 3o minutes late for, from there I had to run home and grab some items I was donating to the Church Lady’s garage sale, which I was planning to do in between work and the work-out.

See how all of this is falling apart, almost like my half-assed bra?

When I got home to grab the donations, I realized I had forgotten to go to the pet store, and the cats were out of food.  Crap!

So off I went, to race across town to the store before dropping off my items 3 hours later than I had planned.

At this point I was starting to get a little frazzled and frustrated.  I hadn’t eaten anything that didn’t have sugar as a main ingredient in hours, it was 9pm and I still wasn’t home.

When I got to the Church Lady’s house and she asked if I wanted to come in for a beer I jumped at the opportunity!  I knew I needed to get home but there was something about that deliciously crisp beverage that sounded so refreshing.

Before I knew it she was cooking me something to eat and we were catching up.  I have to admit, even though I would have loved to have been curled up on my own couch, and it was nice.

I feel like I’ve seen and had more quality time with the important people in my life these past few days, it makes me wonder what’s coming my way.



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